Alien Kinetics Launch DriBlades For Kids - A first-of-its-kind program designed specifically to help children develop more confidence in their skates on and off the ice.

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DriBlades™ For Kids is an extension of the DriBlades™ off-ice training technology and was developed with the goal of reducing the time required for children to develop into balanced, stronger, more confident skaters.

DriBlades™ for Kids is an extension of the DriBlades™ off-ice training technology that has already proven to be a very effective tool with players at the highest level.

Alien Kinetics™ Technologies is excited to launch DriBlades™ For Kids with the goal of creating an off-ice environment where children and new skaters can improve their on-ice skating development.

DriBlades™ For Kids stems from an understanding that introducing skating in a competitive setting without enough individual instruction is not ideal for children to succeed.

The vision and passion for creating a program targeted specifically for young skaters belongs to DriBlades™ co-founder Kelly Riou. “Now that DriBlades™ are available for skaters of all sizes, it makes sense to emphasize and educate just how beneficial they are for children in the early stages of their hockey career.”

Riou is a former professional hockey player who, after his career, earned a degree in Kinesiology.

Since 2012, Riou’s passion has been working with players at the very highest level of the sport to help them achieve their hockey goals.

“When I work with my professional players, it's very important that I don’t ask them to perform something that puts their body at risk,” said Riou.

“But when it comes to the kids, often there is no gradual development. We take young skaters with poor technique, poor balance, and a lack of confidence and put them in a highly competitive environment and hope they figure it out.”

“The reality is that environment has a lot of distractions, a lack of one-on-one training opportunities, and just isn’t ideal for kids to progress in quickly.” Riou explained.

Designed Specifically To Create Confidence

One of the best things we can do for young skaters is to help them develop confidence in their skates off the ice at the same time or even before they are developing into skaters on the ice.

“There are numerous benefits for younger players to be wearing their DriBlades™ off the ice,” said Riou. ”We can safely teach them several key movements and positions off-ice that will significantly impact their ability to perform on the ice.”

Many of the muscles required to skate are actually activated or used only if we are in our skates. This means children are on the ice trying to learn how to skate, using muscles that have rarely been activated and have never been developed.

This is a big reason we see a breakdown in form and technique at an early age. Sometimes what we ask kids to do on the ice isn’t a fair request because their body is not yet physically capable or aware of the form and technique required.

“What we are actually doing with our DriBlades™ For Kids program is helping to lay the proper foundation. It's honestly just like taking grade 1 math before you take grade 2 math”, explains Riou.

“If someone doesn’t have the balance, coordination, or strength to perform in their skates off the ice, then how can we expect them to perform in them on the ice?”

How DriBlades™ For Kids Works

DriBlades™ for Kids is an extension of the DriBlades™ off-ice training technology that has already proven to be a very effective tool with players at the highest level.

“I’m proud of our ability to provide the DriBlades™ technology now in sizes for children of all ages,” said Jason Johnson, Alien Kinetics™ co-founder. “I’m also very excited about how we were able to bundle DriBlades™ in combination with our extensive video and digital work.”

Johnson is both a former pro athlete and an Emmy Award winner in sports video production. He is responsible for creating the video content that allows DriBlades™ to share Kelly’s extensive knowledge and experience with minor hockey players across North America.

“We can provide the right off-ice tool with our DriBlades™. We then combined that with free and engaging videos to replicate the same messaging and movements Kelly works on with his NHL players. That’s what makes this a really cool project for us.” said Johnson.

By bundling DriBlades™ and an extensive video library, the goal was to make it very easy for parents to comfortably work with their kids in a safe and effective environment.

Parents should be confident that the movements and positions recommended are safe and age-appropriate. The videos will help parents identify breakdowns in their children's form and start correcting those immediately in an environment much more conducive to learning.

“Obviously, there is no substitute for being one of the fortunate few who can spend time with Kelly and work with him one-on-one,” said Marla Katz, Director of Business Operations for Alien Kinetics™.

But for the rest of us, the DriBlades™ off-ice technology, in combination with the extensive video collection, is the next best thing.

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