Eisner Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles Announces Volume 111- Real Fake Science

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Enter the world of fake science that actually happens. Scientists and researchers fake their results so their career will gain an upward trajectory. Although science fiction, it seems all too real.

Real Fake Science- all almost not science fiction

Eisner Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles (Volume 111) is now announced

These stories are about Real Fake Science- Where things are not real

As time goes by there is more likelihood that the events written as science fiction may turn out to be fact. In Eisner Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles (Volume 111) the focus is on actual false science. What emerges is the manipulation and fabrication of scientific and academic studies. Researchers whose careers are under threat concoct elaborate schemes to prove their results. Or in one case just copy someone else’s dissertation.

Dr. Don Eisner is a psychologist and attorney who been writing science fiction short stories for the past four years. One of the first scenarios in 2018 was :2024 to 1990: Into the Multiverse. There were some striking similarities that seemed to suggest the outbreak of Covid-19. In Synchronicity and Precognition: Science or Fiction there is a return to the possibility of the multiverse as an explanation. In Volume 1 and Volume 11 there is wide variety of themes from apocalyptic to satirical to comical.

In Real Fake Science we learn that a graduate student (Plagiarism 101) wants to finish his Doctorate quickly. So, the student has developed a plan that will short cut all the work. In examining which group of former extra-terrestrials are more intelligent (Alpha Omega or Beta Omega- Who is Smarter) there is data distortion and deviations from ethical standards of research.

To prove the existence of an extra-terrestrial would be monumental (An Extra-terrestrial in My House.) One scientist sets out to do just that.

A researcher strives to demonstrate that precognition is real (It is Predictable). If real, that would seem to violate many of the laws of physics. So, it would be amazing if there was conclusive proof of precognition.

As noted by Dr. Eisner “Although these stories may strain credulity, in the scientific and academic arena there are a plethora of studies that include faked data, or other deviations from the proper scientific method.”

Eisner Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles ( Volume 111) Amazon (2022)

Donald A. Eisner has recently written Synchronicity and Precognition: Science or Fiction, and the Last Years of human Life on Earth.

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