LPA announce VisiRule AutoAudit automated testing for its No-Code Low-Code visual rules tool

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LPA announce a new automated testing component for VisiRule which allows VisiRule authors to test and validate their charts at a single click. VisiRule AutoAudit tests for logical consistency and completeness as well as support rule maintenance and uodates.

LPA announce a new release of VisiRule which includes VisiRule AutoAudit, an automated testing component for checking the logic of the chart.

VisiRule AutoAudit allows authors to monitor the behaviour and calculated logic contained within their charts This enables business users to validate the underlying decision logic empirically.

In its simplest mode, the module offers a single-click way to generate and execute a test suite which invokes the chart multiple times and produces an output table containing all the results. For each individual data row the table contains the conclusion reached, a success/failure indicator and, optionally, insight into internal calculations and outputs.

As test suites are generated as readable data files, they can be hand-edited by authors to target specific combinations of data values. The result is that authors can produce tables of results which show the answers the system computes for various combinations of input values in a format that can be verified and validated by external reviewers. Switches are available for authors who want to exploit VisiRule's unique backtracking mechanism to compute alternate solution sets.

In its more advanced mode the module allow authors to make changes to charts and see what effect, if any, the changes have on the resulting computations using the nominated test suite. This is aimed at projects where logic is subject to continual refinement and authors need to know that previously correct computations have not been affected by any proposed updates.

VisiRule supports advanced decision making coupled with document generation, such as NDAs and legal agreements, and includes various delivery potions including that of an intelligent chatbot. VisiRule incorporates Artificial Intelligence in the form of visual expert system rule-based inferencing. Complex behaviour and computation can be represented as a set of interconnected decision rules drawn as a flowchart cum decision tree in VisiRule

Clive Spenser, Marketing Director, LPA, says, "VisiRule AutoAudit is an exciting new addition to the VisiRule family. It allows authors to quickly and easily validate the logic in their charts". Clive adds "The highly visual philosophy of VisiRule makes building and testing decision models directly accessible to a much wider audience of business users such as lawyers, accountants, owners, doctors, field machine mechanics and more. There is a growing move towards visual Low-Code No-Code tools which allow authors to create their own self-service decision automation solutions without needing any programming skills."

VisiRule is an easy-to-use Low-Code No-Code tool for subject matter experts, like lawyers, tax advisors, engineers, to rapidly define and deliver intelligent advice and troubleshooting guides using decision tree flowcharts.

LPA is a small dedicated AI company in London, England which has been providing logic-based software solutions since it was formed in 1981. LPA products have been used in a wide-range of commercial and research applications including legal document assembly, environmental engineering, information modeling, disease diagnosis, fault diagnosis, products sales and recommendations. LPA's flagship tool, VisiRule, allows experts to capture, evaluate, refine and deploy specialist expertise as smart AI solutions. Use cases include risk assessment, decision automation, machine troubleshooting, medical diagnosis, problem triage with recommended prescriptive actions plus legal document generation.

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