Health Espresso partners with Wounds Canada to change wound care in Canada

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Health Espresso, Canada's upcoming leader in community EHR, partners with best in class, Wounds Canada, to provide an AI powered, digital solution that's aligned with the government’s target of delivering better, more connected care and improving health equity for patients, especially those in remote communities. The partnership brings Wounds Canada's best practices, resources and training to front-line practitioners at the point of care coupled with the ability for remote patient monitoring for better outcomes.

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Treat the patient, see the whole person, not just the wound.

When Linda Moss’ father was transferred to a second hospital for rehabilitation following a brain injury neurosurgery, her family only received information about the primary reason for his hospitalization: his neurological progress. Linda Moss and her family didn’t know that their father was suffering from a pressure injury that would eventually cause osteomyelitis. It was only when their father was denied a second surgery due to complications from the pressure injury that the severity of the wound was discovered.

Unfortunately, this gap in communication between health-care providers, specialists and patients is far too common in the Canadian health-care system. The complete picture of patients is seldom shared, especially when they are complex or receive care from multiple partners. This leads to a lack of timely wound care and ultimately irreversible complications that can result in amputations or even death in the case of Linda Moss’ father.

“Care teams and caregivers are essential together, and the first step in any prevention or further complications with wounds is a communicated Care Plan,” says Linda Moss.

A new partnership between national organization Wounds Canada and Medtech company Health Espresso is changing this. This partnership enables front-line clinicians, patients, policymakers, and researchers to digitize a patient’s journey and connect members of allied health teams at the right time to decrease acute and hard-to-heal wounds, reduce hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes. Leveraging this technology will also enable Wounds Canada to establish a Canadian national registry that can inform further research in wound care and provide quick and easy access to Wounds Canada’s validated tools and resources for immediate bedside action by clinicians and help support wound management by patients, especially those living in outlying communities.

“Wounds are a serious health complication that impacts the quality of life for patients while having significant economic implications on our health-care system, and the situation has only worsened under the strain of COVID-19. In many cases, hard-to-heal chronic wounds can be avoided or, if detected in the early stages, managed effectively — but we need evidence-based solutions to help us provide the safe, equitable and timely care that patients deserve in home care and across all health-care settings,” says Mariam Botros, CEO of Wounds Canada. “That’s why Wounds Canada is excited to partner with Health Espresso to offer a skin and wound care mobile app that benefits not only patients but also clinicians, researchers and policymakers. With the launch of this digital solution, we’ll be able to improve patient care, reduce hospitalizations and lower spending on wound care while also increasing the skills and knowledge of front-line clinicians and establishing a Canadian national registry to inform further research.”

“As a registered nurse and private wound care consultant in rural southwestern Ontario, providing safe, timely, equitable access to interprofessional, evidence-informed care to people living with wounds can be challenging,” adds Crystal McCallum, Director of Education with Wounds Canada. “The skin and wound care mobile app that Health Espresso is developing in collaboration with Wounds Canada will address these challenges and will prove to reduce the burden of wounds and enhance the experience and outcomes of people living with wounds while enabling better use of health-care resources.”

Certified by the Ontario Telehealth Network (OTN) and powered by artificial intelligence, Health Espresso’s easy-to-use mobile and web-based integrative digital solution offers a connected, collaborative approach to wound care. It provides a complete digital blueprint of a patient’s overall health and history, real-time vitals data, recorded notes from hospital visits, administered medication and more for timely, well-informed decision making. Unlike many standalone solutions, Health Espresso’s unique collaborative approach allows for a broader view of the patient’s journey with access to patient records, high-quality wound imaging and analysis tools to track healing progression and understand why a wound may not be healing correctly. It also includes built-in messaging and video tools that enable physicians, wound specialists and patients — especially those in remote or Indigenous communities — to engage in live communication within a secure environment.

“Health Espresso’s digital solution is aligned with the government’s target of delivering better, more connected care and improving health equity for patients, especially those in remote communities,” says Founder of Health Espresso Rick Menassa. “To optimize the healing of wounds, care needs to be timely, and a structured, collaborative approach to assessment, treatment, documentation and communication based on best practices is critical for providing patients with the best possible outcomes. We are pleased to partner with Wounds Canada to offer our technology and bring their best practices, resources and training to front-line practitioners at the point of care.”

Inspired by front-line experience in home and community care, Health Espresso was created to chronicle the entire patient journey. Starting with a digital patient profile and digital care plan, Health Espresso empowers health organizations to automate intake, triage and update patient records and follow through with post-discharge remote patient monitoring for better health outcomes. Health Espresso provides a collaborative, patient-centred platform for Allied Health professionals, Primary Physicians and Hospitals for a ‘one patient, one care plan’ approach to care, reducing service overlaps and gaps. Its secure, connected platform integrates with EMRs and government data assets for an all-encompassing view of patient records. Health Espresso’s mobile app complements its in-cloud web portal to empower physicians with real-time patient information and virtual care capability for time-sensitive decisions at the point of care, anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

Established in 1995, Wounds Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to advancing wound prevention and management for all people in Canada. They advocate for a population health approach that promotes best practices to support persons at risk of or living with wounds, health decision-makers and front-line clinicians. They develop and provide educational programs and resources and support research to advance this holistic, risk-based approach further. Wounds Canada fosters relationships with interested individuals and organizations to expand and sustain a robust wound community in Canada with mutually beneficial global connections. Their goal is to reduce the prevalence and incidence of wounds of all types and the negative consequences they bring—including patient suffering and wasted health-care dollars. To learn more, visit

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