Snapt announces the one security package to run Kubernetes in public cloud

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Snapt sponsors KubeCon Europe and brings AI-powered threat intelligence, WAAP, and bot protection for Kubernetes ingress in public cloud – all in one click.

“Snapt Nova ensures your application is highly available, secure from threats like Denial of Service, and optimized for performance. It provides visibility into Kubernetes and other platforms, even in multi-cloud environments. (...)” said Dave Blakey, Co-CEO at Snapt.

Snapt, the leading provider of future-proof, cloud-neutral, and platform-agnostic load balancing and security solutions, demonstrates a powerful, AI-powered platform for securing Kubernetes ingress in public cloud environments at KubeCon Europe in Valencia. Snapt Nova is a centrally managed load balancing and application security platform designed for cloud-native and hybrid environments and includes real-time threat intelligence, web application and API protection, and bot protection. Snapt demonstrates Snapt Nova at KubeCon Europe, 16-20 May, at booth S32 on the show floor or our virtual booth here: (link for registered attendees only).

Attendees at KubeCon can also talk to Snapt to request a free health check to test their infrastructure's security, scale, and speed. This offer is exclusive to attendees at KubeCon Europe 2022.

Snapt Nova is Application Delivery Control as a Service, providing load balancing, global traffic routing, and web application and API protection on-demand to every node from a centralized controller and UI. Snapt Nova’s centralized control plane enables Software-Defined Load Balancing with a real-time low-latency connection to millions of data plane nodes. Snapt Nova meets the needs of DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps teams securing Kubernetes ingress at scale in public cloud environments – including multi-cloud.

“Snapt Nova makes it a breeze to get public cloud Kubernetes into production,” said Dave Blakey, Co-CEO at Snapt. “Snapt Nova ensures your application is highly available, secure from threats like Denial of Service, and optimized for performance. It provides visibility into Kubernetes and other platforms, even in multi-cloud environments. We designed Snapt Nova for modern application teams, so we built it with a full REST API, centralized control plane, monitoring in a single pane of glass, and integration with modern tool stacks.”

Snapt Nova simplifies securing and scaling Kubernetes applications in the cloud. It integrates easily with all public clouds and Kubernetes, including native upstream service discovery for rapid configuration and deployment of application services. Snapt Nova’s centralized controller provides elastic scalability with extremely low latency in response to demand, so application services always keep pace with application traffic. Snapt Nova’s worker nodes are lightweight, containerized, and fast, even supporting deployment on ARM architectures.

Snapt Nova also reduces the complexity of deploying Kubernetes alongside other platforms and architectures, enabling NetOps and SecOps teams to ensure the reliability and security of every part of their network. Centralized policy, security, and global traffic routing help organizations keep global networks and hybrid architectures consistent, simple, and compliant. A modern web GUI with one-click deployment, wizards, and data visualization enables operators to get started quickly and address problems efficiently without deploying infrastructure as code.

Snapt Nova provides a full REST API for complete automation and integration with CI/CD workflows for DevOps practitioners.

Role-Based Access Control allows NetOps or PlatformOps teams to set global policy using Snapt Nova’s GUI and delegate per-application control to multiple DevOps teams using the API. This capability enables application teams to develop, test, and launch applications quickly and automatically while enabling NetOps teams to set the guardrails and monitor overall network health, security, and performance.

Snapt Nova includes real-time threat intelligence, so Kubernetes deployments benefit from application security that is always up-to-date with the latest emerging threats and trends, allowing automatic pre-emptive blocking of current and potential threats. Snapt Nova’s threat intelligence, powered by advanced machine learning and unique real-time, real-world threat data from Snapt’s worldwide network of threat sensors, identifies, tracks, and blocks botnets, malware, cybercriminals, and platform abuse.

Snapt Nova includes robust Layer 7 Web Application and API Protection that blocks hackers, denial of service (DoS), bots, data leaks, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and more while ensuring your Kubernetes ingress is compliant, safe, and secure. Mutual TLS enables end-to-end encryption for protecting sensitive data. The API gateway enforces API access controls and SLAs and protects against the OWASP Top 10 API vulnerabilities. Snapt Nova’s application security is enhanced by machine learning and AI-powered autonomous response, enabling sophisticated traffic profiling, anomaly detection, continuous self-learning, and lightning-fast reaction when threats are detected.

Snapt Nova automatically detects and blocks malicious bots in real-time. It combines on-node activity recognition, centralized AI-powered behavior profiling, and a global database of known bots. Snapt Nova’s distributed application delivery controllers (ADCs) use a powerful activity recognition engine to identify suspicious browsing patterns, non-human input, and traffic from questionable sources.

The distributed ADCs can also submit a suspicious user for central evaluation by the Bot AI. Using machine learning to develop an in-depth profile of normal and automated browsing behavior, Snapt Nova can consistently identify bots where other systems fail. This self-learning system constantly evolves, improving its speed and intelligence.

For users ready to learn more about securing and simplifying Kubernetes ingress, Snapt will be demonstrating Snapt Nova at booth S32 at KubeCon Europe on 16-20 May. For more information, download the Snapt Nova and Kubernetes datasheet.

Snapt is a Silver Sponsor of KubeCon Europe.

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Snapt provides future-proof load balancing and security solutions that are cloud-neutral and platform-agnostic. Snapt eliminates downtime and automatically scales your sites and applications to ensure maximum responsiveness. Using a single pane of glass, our solutions deliver centralized control and intelligence for all your clouds, platforms, architectures, and applications.
Snapt lets you embrace change on your terms — we grow, shift, and evolve with you. Snapt provides the lowest total cost of ownership while providing high performance and fast, expert support from day one.
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