Expert Music Educator and Award-Winning Producer Join Forces, Form Revolutionary Artist Development and Music Licensing Company

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TEAM Empowers Musicians with a Revolutionary Multi-Step Process to Create Masterpiece Quality Music, Gain Business Savvy and Score Lucrative Deals

Backed by over 30 years of research, TEAM transcends the traditional artist/record label business model by providing musicians with the missing links necessary to achieve consistent masterpiece quality music…

Today, two of the industry’s most highly-knowledgeable and accomplished music educators unveiled a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind music education and artist development platform called TEAM (Transcend Entertainment and Music). TEAM is focused on delivering advanced training, skilled mentoring and exclusive music licensing opportunities for its community of musicians, composers and producers seeking recognition and income from their music.

Backed by over 30 years of research, TEAM transcends the traditional artist/record label business model by providing musicians with the missing links necessary to achieve consistent masterpiece quality music while successfully managing their time, their lives and their careers as music industry entrepreneurs.

The company debuts at a time when the multi-billion dollar music sync market is at a crossroads. On one hand, sync licensing is experiencing explosive growth, with musicians and producers seeking alternative revenue models for success in an ever-changing music industry – and on the other hand, Music Supervisors and Agencies struggle to sift through a growing number of tracks which are just not ready for prime-time in order to find tracks that truly meet industry standards. The boom in home studio recordings has become both a curse and a blessing to internal industry end-users of music. Never before has there been such a diverse range of production standards (or lack thereof).

TEAM was conceptualized and built by award-winning music producer and mentor Gary Gray, followed by the acquisition of the online music school New Artist Model, the brainchild of legendary music executive and author Dave Kusek.

This exciting collaboration between Gary and Dave brought about a thoroughly beta-tested breakthrough Assembly Line for artist development and music industry success, intentionally designed to help musicians not only create their best music possible, but to navigate the personal challenges every indie musician faces, by addressing character development and life-coaching at the beginning of their assembly line.

TEAM achieved a successful two year proof of concept beta test, ultimately leading to triumph at the end of the assembly line, including success in the licensing world, with TEAM Family Members personally earning four-figure checks by building strong partnerships with music supervisors and agencies who select music for movies, TV, games and advertisements.

Meet the Creators
TEAM CEO Gary Gray is an award-winning musician, Voting Member of the Grammy® Recording Academy, author, composer, producer and engineer with decades of A-list level industry expertise under his belt. He has been personally mentored by legendary music icons such as Quincy Jones, Chick Corea, Lamont Dozier, and Phil Collins and regularly collaborates with leading media behemoths such as The Disney Music Group, 20th Century Fox and Hollywood Records to place music in film, TV. and ad campaigns. Gary is currently recording, mixing and mastering music for the upcoming 2023 live action Disney major motion picture “The Little Mermaid.”

Visionary, pioneer and TEAM co-founder Dave Kusek created and ran the world-famous award-winning Berklee Online School at the Berklee College of Music for 14 years and was part of the original team behind MIDI technology. Most recently, Kusek has been the CEO of New Artist Model and is co-author of the best-selling book The Future of Music published in 2005 which predicted much of what is current reality in the music business.

“What we are doing with team is creating a much needed Renaissance,” Gary Gray explains. “On one hand you have what I call the ‘Quantity Culture,’ which has created a market glutted with less than industry standard tracks that slow down the cogwheels of our industry, and on the other hand, you have artists who are interested in finding out where to go and how to team up with like-minded individuals that comprise what I call the ‘Quality Culture.’ THOSE are the individuals who resonate with TEAM. TEAM is the spearhead of the Quality Culture, We know that the secret to a balanced life with true success starts with character development, is built on the back of an excellent education, and can only be achieved as a group activity. TEAM is the ultimate group activity within the music industry, an oasis of sanity and support from a family of like-minded individuals, who consider it their duty to help one another build a brighter future for our industry.”

With the recent upsurge in the sheer amount of video content being put out today – including countless new TV series’ and movies from competing streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV and Amazon Prime – the demand for high-quality music that fits each mood or scene is staggering.”

But, the great news is that this provides our TEAM Family Members loads of licensing opportunities. We teach them how to become more valuable members of our industry, how to hone their skills through a proprietary super-detailed hands-on critiquing process, how to consistently create masterpiece recordings with revolutionary approaches to recording, mixing and mastering, and how to network effectively to build strong, long-lasting relationships resulting in a lucrative career and a balanced life.”

Gray continues to provide his proven expertise and revolutionary production techniques and strategies while consistently creating music that is repeatedly licensed by the likes of Disney, 20th Century Fox, HBO, and CBS. In fact, Gray taught one of the most popular courses offered via Kusek’s New Artist Model, “The Lucrative Home Studio” (included with the TEAM Premium Access subscription - see below). Because of this, Kusek recognized early on Gray’s superior approach to artist development, mentoring and up-to-the-minute behind-the-scenes industry know-how.

Kusek explains, “Gary and I have known each other through professional collaborations for years, and the idea of building TEAM happened very naturally. Gary has developed truly revolutionary “Music Assembly Line” and “Personal Growth” training programs that help artists develop both their character and their musicianship to masterpiece quality levels. My work with tens of thousands of aspiring artists at Berklee and at New Artist Model has uncovered what it really takes to succeed in this crazy music business and what musicians need to learn in order to direct their own careers. TEAM was created to share the “secret sauce” Gary and I have been working on for years and empower songwriters, composers and producers to achieve such high levels of excellence — that the music industry seeks you out.”

TEAM Premium Access
TEAM’s core service offering is its TEAM Premium Access subscription service, available to the public beginning October 11, 2022. Unlike competitors flooding the music training market with bits and pieces of the overall picture, what truly sets TEAM apart is the company’s core aim of helping artists get their music licensed via a multi-faceted education pathway structured to act as a complete “assembly line” of skillset training, with quality-assurance checkpoints all along the way. Once an artist is certified by working directly with the TEAM Quality Control Division, TEAM provides additional resources and exclusive opportunities for placing the artist’s masterpiece quality music productions into revenue-generating licensing agreements, with our internal legal counsel available to consult qualified TEAM Family Members. Unlike do-it-yourself online training tools, TEAM Premium Access stresses the importance of individualized coaching that’s done alongside valuable super in-depth personal critiquing and critique case studies of fellow TEAM Family Members.

“TEAM is trailblazing new pathways to personal development and a balanced life resulting in indie musicians finding not only success, but true happiness and calm confidence in a high-strung, high-anxiety world. TEAM is one of the most practical & effective ways today’s artists can gain significant revenue in a competitive, difficult-to-navigate industry,” exclaims Gray. “Dave and I combined, bring more than half a century of valuable behind-the-curtains expertise to the table. We’ve spent two-years beta testing The TEAM Process and our coaches have dedicated 1000’s of hours fine-tuning everything from A to Z. We’re truly excited to begin sharing this proven system for true success with musicians around the globe,” Gray adds.

TEAM (Transcend Entertainment and Music) is a comprehensive, end-to-end professional artist development, music education and music licensing company founded by top music education leaders Gary Gray and Dave Kusek. TEAM is focused on music production and licensing opportunities for composers, songwriters and producers, key areas these two music visionaries have championed for years. TEAM’s signature artist development program is TEAM Premium Access.

This online program was designed with the goal of creating an expert music community capable of delivering a music industry Renaissance through artist development and personal empowerment - and deliver it in a manner within reach of every independent musician on the planet.

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