Vivensity’s imSparked SEL Program Named Finalist for “Top Ed Tech Products” Award, by District Administration

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Pioneering SEL Program for Adolescents To Be Recognized at FETC 2023

Vivensity’s imSparked© Social Emotional Learning Program has been selected as a Finalist for the 2023 "Top Ed Tech Products" Award from District Administration, in the category of “Curriculum and Instructional Technology.” This recognition comes for imSparked’s “groundbreaking and innovative” SEL program, as it has been designed “to empower educators and education leaders through education technology.” District Administration officials will present imSparked’s “Finalist” designation to Vivensity’s CEO & Founder, Preeti Shrikhande, at the National Future of Education Technology® Conference (#FETC) on January 24, 2023, in New Orleans.

With its focus on Social Emotional Learning, Vivensity’s imSparked Program is specifically designed to help adolescent students build essential life skills, leading to improved wellness and academic success, as well as life-long career and relationship success.

Vivensity’s Founder and CEO, Preeti Shrikhande, is not surprised by this recognition from District Administration at FETC, given what she’s been learning from schools using imSparked:

“At Vivensity, our mission is to empower teens with the skills they need to live a balanced and meaningful life. We know imSparked is filling a deep need. 86% of teachers and 92% of students using our SEL program report that imSparked is engaging and helpful! In addition to other positive impacts, after just 8 weeks with our program, 75% of students report they are better at handling stress, and 82% are more aware of their feelings.

Middle and high school students WANT imSparked in their schools because the skills they develop help them build deeper awareness, competence, and confidence to cope with daily challenges.” - Preeti Shrikhande, Founder & CEO, Vivensity

Vivensity's ImSparked program has also been recognized as a Top-10 Ed Tech Solution for K-12 (by StartEd, April 2021), and has garnered strong support from students, teachers, parents, and school administrators. In addition, ImSparked has received Learner Variability Certification from Digital Promise, signaling its success in creating a product that supports all learners.

imSparked is transforming communities by empowering middle and high school students with engaging, actionable solutions for day-to-day situations. This evidence-based program aligns with the CASEL and WHO Frameworks for supporting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Designed for use in any type of class, club, or advisory group, students learn through a process of introspection and self-discovery with short, engaging multimedia activities that spur meaningful class discussions and real-world experiences. In addition to interactive classroom activities, imSparked includes a 24x7 Video Library, with 300+ short, curated videos (like “Netflix for Life Skills”) to help students navigate daily challenges.

imSparked's Data Dashboard is a real-time resource for teachers to track learning and tailor instruction. The Dashboard helps principals make informed decisions by providing a pulse of the school through aggregate information about students’ use patterns and responses to embedded assessments. In addition, co-learning programs for teachers, staff, and parents support a community-wide approach.

The imSparked SEL Program has been designed to support the 5 core competency areas of Social and Emotional Learning identified by CASEL, including: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making.

What makes imSparked innovative, groundbreaking and important? There are many characteristics that set imSparked apart from other SEL programs. imSparked …

  • entices students with brief “microlearning” activities, with a sustained focus on a specific CASEL-aligned topic for 2-4 weeks;
  • encourages self-discovery and deep learning, with multiple opportunities for reflection and sharing;
  • recognizes that educators benefit from robust teacher supports to promote SEL (e.g., Facilitation Guides, training videos), yet they also want flexibility to adapt programming for their students and contexts;
  • has a pioneering assessment methodology to identify students’ needs, track learning, and help educators make informed decisions based on real-time data;
  • offers customized, co-learning programs for parents, teachers, and staff in order to deliver a whole-child, community-based SEL solution.


Recognized for outstanding innovation in providing effective and measurable Social Emotional Learning to adolescents, Vivensity is committed to empowering teens with the life skills they need to be successful socially, emotionally and academically. Vivensity’s imSparked© SEL Program engages middle and high school students through brief, 5-10 minute multimedia activities that connect students with peers, family and community. Robust teacher supports offer ease and flexibility. Program results are available in real-time for educators to tailor instruction and assess the pulse of the school. ImSparked is available on four Learning Management Systems (LMS): Schoology, Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom. Contact Vivensity to empower your students with imSparked.

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