Surthrival Announces the Launch of the World’s First Wild-Foraged, Plant-Based Protein Powder

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Surthrival Black Walnut Protein Powder is made from 100% USA wild-grown, sustainably foraged & processed black walnuts. A sophisticated, ultra-clean CO2 extraction process produces this powerful source of plant-based protein – with 17 grams of protein per serving.

Surthrival Black Walnut Protein Powder

“When you use Surthrival’s Black Walnut Protein Powder you’re voting for wild lands and wild species, for fair wages for foragers, and for a healthy habitat."

Surthrival is pleased to announce the launch of Black Walnut Protein Powder, the world’s first sustainable, wild-crafted protein powder sourced from black walnuts collected by foragers in the American Midwest.

Co-founded in 2008 by Daniel Vitalis, the creator and host of the Outdoor Channel's WildFed television series, Surthrival produces a range of potent, regenerative dietary supplements inspired by Vitalis’ study of our early ancestors and the vast range of foods they consumed.

“We should look to hunter-gatherer communities to see what they traditionally ate to see how we can supplement our modern diets to support optimal health,” says Vitalis, a passionate hunter, forager and wild food cook. “When I started Surthrival, I was looking at all the health problems our modern lifestyle and diet are creating. We wanted to produce uncompromising products – superior-grade, efficacious dietary supplements that can provide what’s lacking in modern diets.”

Black Walnuts Contain the Highest Protein Content of Any Tree Nut

Black walnuts contain the highest protein content of any tree nut and are an excellent alternative for health-conscious consumers seeking to add more high-quality, plant-based protein to their diet, according to WebMD. To create its Black Walnut Protein Powder, Surthrival uses an ultra-clean CO2 extraction process to draw out the powerful plant-based protein from its wild-foraged, sustainable harvest – with 17 grams of protein per ¼-cup serving. The company is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this path-breaking product, which it calls the first of its kind.

Surthrival’s Black Walnut Protein Powder, available in 16-ounce pouches, comes from wild-grown, North American native black walnut trees. Unlike other proteins, black walnut is habitat-friendly – no agricultural land is used or irrigation required, since the trees aren’t “grown” like traditional crops. Moreover, no fertilizers or toxic chemicals are involved, “only wholesome, healthy, wild nature. It’s wild nutrition you can feel great about,” says Vitalis.

Surthrival’s Black Walnuts Are 100% Sustainably Wild Harvested.

Each fall, when ripe wild black walnuts fall to the ground, they are gathered by foragers – individuals and families – who bring the nuts to hulling stations around the Midwest, where the foragers are paid by the pound for their harvest. The nutmeats are then turned into an exquisite, high-quality, fully absorbable protein powder that is perfect for smoothies and blended drinks – and even to fortify baked goods.

“When you use Surthrival’s Black Walnut Protein Powder you’re voting for wild lands and wild species, for fair wages for foragers, and for a healthy habitat,” says Surthrival co-founder LeighLon Anderson.

Key Elements of Surthrival’s Black Walnut Protein Powder

  • 100% wild-foraged
  • Ethically and sustainably harvested
  • 100% USA sourced
  • Your only source of wild-crafted Black Walnut Protein Powder
  • Vegan and vegetarian
  • Paleo friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free

About Surthrival:
Based in Biddeford, Maine, Surthrival was founded in 2008 by LeighLon Anderson and Daniel Vitalis, star of the Outdoor Channel’s WildFed, to provide powerful, regenerative nutrients to support peak nutrition and optimal wellness. In addition to its new Black Walnut Protein Powder, Surthrival’s products include its best-selling bovine colostrum powder, elk antler concentrate, reishi mushroom extract, Vitamin D3/K2, and CBD for pets and people.

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