Newly Released 4k Titanic Short Film Provides Most Detailed Exploration of the Wreck’s Bow Section in 25 Years

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In anticipation of the 25th anniversary re-release of James Cameron’s movie, Titanic, OceanGate Expeditions premieres 4K film narrated by Titanic dive veteran, Rory Golden.

Titan A Viewport to Titanic OceanGate Expeditions

Titan A Viewport to Titanic OceanGate Expeditions

“What is really exciting about, Titan – A Viewport to Titanic, is the way it gives viewers throughout the film a greater visual perspective of the areas of the Titanic that we are exploring.” - Rory Golden

OceanGate Expeditions announces the premiere of the short film, Titan – A Viewport to Titanic. The film was developed from hours of footage captured throughout more than a dozen dives completed during the 2021 and 2022 Titanic Expeditions conducted by OceanGate Expeditions. The remarkable video is narrated by Titanic dive veteran and explorer, Rory Golden, and premiered on the OceanGate Expeditions YouTube channel today.

“This newly released high-resolution 4K Titanic short film gives viewers a one-of-a-kind view of Titanic from the viewport of the OceanGate, Inc., 5-crewmember submersible, Titan. During the 2021 and 2022 Titanic Expeditions, Mission Specialists, scientists, and Titanic experts helped OceanGate Expeditions capture over 50 hours of high-resolution 4K and 8K footage and images of the wreck site,” says Stockton Rush, President, OceanGate.

“As OceanGate Expeditions returns to the Titanic during the 2023 Titanic Expedition, we will continue to work with those joining us as Mission Specialists and maritime archaeologists to characterize the deterioration of the wreck as we capture fresh footage in 2023 and beyond,” continues Rush.

“What is really exciting about, Titan – A Viewport to Titanic, is the way it gives viewers throughout the film a greater visual perspective of the areas of the Titanic that we are exploring,” says Rory Golden, veteran Titanic diver and explorer.

“Having first dived to the Titanic in August 2000, I have seen huge changes in the condition of the wreck. That is what makes this work so important. Returning to the site for multiple consecutive years has never been done before. Having the year-over-year comparisons in addition to earlier footage will give historians important data about the ongoing deterioration of this UNESCO Maritime Heritage Site. Some of what we are capturing now will one day be gone. The dramatic improvements and developments in camera and lighting technology have made this possible. Being a part of this important documentation initiative is the opportunity of a lifetime,” shares Golden.

Some of the most awe-inspiring scenes included in Titan – A Viewport to Titanic, are Titanic’s legendary bow, the forecastle, the well deck, the ship’s bridge and wheelhouse area, and the officers’ deck. Notably, viewers can also see the telemotor where Quartermaster Robert Hichens was at the helm and the crow’s nest location where lookout Frederick Fleet alerted the bridge of the iceberg ahead.

Areas of accelerated deterioration include Titanic’s main mast that has completely disintegrated, and Captain Smith’s cabin that is now destroyed by the ravages of time, currents, and the effects of iron eating bacteria that leave rivers of rusticles all over the wreck. The sea life that now makes the Titanic home are also to be seen including squat lobsters, rattail fish, and bamboo coral.

For those interested in supporting the continuing efforts to document and study the Titanic and the creatures that make it their home, there are still a limited number of Mission Specialist roles available for the 2023 Titanic Expedition.


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