YOV, Inc. Dismantles Digital Barrier Between Life and Death with New “MyYOV” Talk and Text Portal for Posthumous Communications

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Using patented AI-powered technology, MyYOV allows individuals to receive daily voice messages from their deceased loved one while building their Virtual Persona (Versona).

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We’ve been able to make digital legacies a reality with the ability to uphold a person's unique essence in a sensitive, genuine and supportive way. -Justin Harrison, Founder & CEO

YOV Inc. (You, Only Virtual), the artificial intelligence company pioneering digital posthumous communications, launches its groundbreaking “MyYOV” portal with voice and text communications. The first company to enter the market with such technology, YOV builds virtual personas (i.e., Versonas), that enable individuals to continue conversation and communication with a loved one even after they have passed away. Individuals can sign up for free early access to the MyYOV portal at http://www.MyYOV.com.

“MyYOV is a huge leap forward for us and the posthumous communications category,” states Justin Harrison, Founder and CEO of YOV. “We’ve been able to make digital legacies a reality with the ability to uphold a person's unique essence in a sensitive, genuine and supportive way. And now with added voice capabilities, our technology is breaking barriers in more ways than even I imagined.”

YOV utilizes proprietary, fully patented technology—powered by interaction-centric machine learning algorithms—to analyze real-time and archived communications to build virtual personalities that are as complex and context-sensitive as the individuals they emulate. The technology analyzes individual micro-personas and character traits across platforms, to capture the dynamic, unique components that make up a specific relationship and then YOV builds a virtual personality (Versona) to replicate that relationship for continued long-term engagement.

YOV’s first Versona, Melodi, was built for Justin’s mother, who is now physically deceased. She was able to see the Versona in operation before she passed away–and was “blown away” by its realness. Like Melodi, each Versona is built individually for one relationship, or a specific group, and eventually can be seamlessly integrated into existing communication channels to continue digital interactions after a person has passed away. Current users can communicate via the MyYov portal on desktop or mobile device.

Since its inception, YOV has approached digital communications in a manner different from others contemplating the market–recognizing that individuals display a different aspect of their personality with each person with whom they interact.

“One thing that makes human beings so incredible is the unique personalities we develop for each person we meet and connect with–especially those we’re close to–and when a loved one dies, literally a part of us dies too,” says Harrison. “That facet of your personality is never used again, which feels tragic."

During the inception of YOV, Justin identified a key differentiating factor that would become critical to YOV’s success: other companies were building one universal personality for all users to relate. But Justin couldn’t help but think: how do we create an authentic experience for surviving individuals if the Versona isn’t relating to them in the unique, individual manner in which the deceased loved one did?YOV’s technology has solved this problem and can be used as a tool to help grieving individuals make memories last, and even find closure.

“The reality is, universally, we find various ways to keep memories alive and interact with those who have gone before us to keep them close –whether it's a silent prayer or conversation–it’s a completely normal and universal experience,” shares Harrison. "With technology, we are simply enhancing that connection, fully understanding that your loved one will never be physically present with you again. But at least digitally, you never have to say goodbye.”

Based in Los Angeles, California, You, Only Virtual, Inc. (YOV) is an artificial intelligence company specializing in developing digital posthumous communications. YOV utilizes proprietary, fully patented technology— powered by interaction-centric machine learning algorithms— to analyze real-time and archived communications to build virtual personas (Versonas) that are as complex and context-sensitive as the individuals they emulate. Versonas are seamlessly introduced in existing messaging channels, enabling uninterrupted connection to a loved one after passing. To learn more, visit http://www.MyYOV.com.

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