DOSS integrates GPT-4 into their AI-Powered Real Estate Search Marketplace, becoming the first to enable users to speak and/or text their queries.

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A pioneer in conversational home search, DOSS has recently unveiled the latest version of its AI-Powered Real Estate Marketplace - DOSS 2.0.

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Finally, a digital real estate platform that harnesses the power of AI to offer consumers a range of options, from Do-It-Yourself to Full-Service, at a fair and competitive price point.

DOSS, a pioneer in conversational home search, has recently unveiled the latest version of its AI-Powered Real Estate Marketplace - DOSS 2.0. With this new release, the platform sheds its BETA label and makes its real estate search portal accessible to all users. DOSS has integrated GPT-4 directly into their code, providing an unparalleled search experience without any third-party limitations or the initial inherent constraints of the ChatGPT Plugin, which is currently available to only a limited number of users. This launch marks the first narrow domain consumer-facing platform on the web to incorporate GPT-4 while also empowering all of their users to ask questions through speech or text with an AI-Powered solution responding based on how it was engaged.

“DOSS, what is the difference between an FHA loan and a Conventional loan? Please connect me with a Loan Officer…”

Michael Ramirez, the CTO who joined DOSS in January, shared his perspective on deviating from the competition's approach of developing a plugin or extension. He stated, “I get why they chose to build that way, it's easy and mainly cost agnostic. However, less than 1% of users on the internet have access to GPT4 so Doss’s integration to its platform will provide access to all prospective home buyers. What we’re doing at DOSS is leaning into the AI as much as possible and evolving classical components like filtered search. Instead of clicking on several filters, many of which are lost in the large form drop downs, the user is now empowered to search in a more native manner."

“DOSS, show me houses for sale in Austin, Texas under $800,000 with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, with lots of natural light, on a quiet street, with white kitchen cabinets, in zip code 78703, and zoned to Bryker Woods Elementary School.”

DOSS plans to continue aggressively developing their AI-Powered platform to eventually include services such as insurance, mortgage, title, home servicing, and more to mobilize a seamless end-to-end experience for the user. Chris Norton, COO adds, "The seamless integration of GPT-4 and our proprietary image recognition and tagging system by DOSS marks a significant advancement in the real estate industry. By combining cutting-edge AI technologies in a multimodal platform, we are providing consumers with a powerful tool that is specifically designed to help them find their perfect home while ensuring they are well-informed throughout the largest purchase process of their lives. Our innovative approach demonstrates our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience and sets the real estate industry on the path to the future. With DOSS 2.0, users can now search for properties, ask detailed questions, and receive personalized responses, all in a seamless and conversational manner. This transformative technology represents a win for consumers, as they now have access to a real estate search platform developed with their needs in mind."
“DOSS, find me a home in Houston, Texas, an area that’s into art and music, priced under $500,000, and within walking distance to dog parks.”

Bobby Bryant, CEO of DOSS, expressed “Our development strategy is designed to create a much sticker user experience that addresses the entire lifecycle of homeownership. At DOSS, the mission is to create the industry’s best real estate marketplace to search, service, and transact all things home in the palm of your hands. We want to be more than just a destination to buy, rent, and sell real estate. Especially when you take into consideration that there are approximately 140 million homes in the United States, and only 4 to 5% are sold annually. Although that small percentage represents a $100B industry, there’s a much bigger opportunity that remains largely untapped.”

“DOSS, I’m thinking about selling my house. What should I focus on fixing around the house to increase the value of my home?”

In a class of its own, DOSS combines an AI-Powered Real Estate Marketplace with the scalability of a Modern-Day Franchise Model. DOSS plans to provide a level of visibility for our agents and franchises that will compete with the major real estate search engines. This unique advantage is what sets DOSS apart from other real estate search engines and traditional brokerages. Many Agents at Traditional Brokerages are forced to rely on third-party platforms and service providers because their brokerage creates or provides very little-to-no technology. Because of this reality, Agents spend significant amounts of money outside of their brokerage each month to get quality leads, technology, and tools. Recognizing this challenge, DOSS has developed its own cutting-edge proprietary technology to reduce Agent dependency on third-party providers, decrease cost, increase revenue, and equip our Agents at our DOSS Home Center Franchises with the necessary tools to enhance the consumer experience.

“DOSS, what is the value of my home?”

The DOSS team is committed to upholding the true potential of technology, which is to save people time and money. The introduction of DOSS 2.0 is poised to not only deliver the best real estate search experience on the web, but also offer users a chance to receive significant savings. The challenges faced by Millennials and GenZ, such as Student Loan debt, soaring home prices, and higher interest rates, have made it increasingly difficult for them to qualify for a home. By leveraging their AI-Powered Real Estate Marketplace to streamline the real estate experience, DOSS offers buyers a 1% rebate, up to $5,000, which can be utilized to reduce closing costs or lower their interest rates. Sellers, on the other hand, can list their properties on the MLS and all major real estate search portals for a modest 1% Listing Fee, all while receiving comprehensive, full-service support.

Finally, a digital real estate platform that harnesses the power of AI to offer consumers a range of options, from Do-It-Yourself to Full-Service, at a fair and competitive price point.
CLICK HERE to give our AI-Powered Real Estate Marketplace a Test Drive. Or, download Ask DOSS in the Android or iOS app store.

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