Hard Hat Training's Aerial Lift (MEWP) Safety Training Course Has Received A Brand New Update and Format

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Here at Hard Hat Training, we are happy to announce that we have updated the style of our Aerial Lift | MEWP course. We designed this new format specifically to appeal to and engage the end user. It was a company choice to overhaul our previous formatting. One of the most significant changes was the inclusion of modules instead of tabs. This exciting new update allows for trainers and employees to streamline topics specific to their needs. Keep reading to learn more.

This update has enabled streamlining of specific safety topic information.

With the new update to our Aerial Lift Training (aka: MEWP Training), we would also like to address the terms used to refer to these machines, as well as their accompanying safety training materials, in the industry today. There are many different types of MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) and each has safety training specific to it.

What Are MEWPs? Aerial work platforms (AWPs) used to refer to scissor lifts, boom lifts, and other elevated work platforms. Now we call these vehicles MEWPs. MEWP stands for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Used for a wide range of jobs, MEWPS are most often seen on construction sites. MEWPS come in a wide range of types, meant for reaching different heights.

What is a Scissor Lift: A scissor lift isn't an aerial lift. It's referred to by OSHA as a mobile scaffold with a platform that only moves vertically. Scissor lifts are categorized as a MEWP by ANSI, which means OSHA's guidelines and regulations for scaffolding apply to them.

What is a Vertical Lift? The smallest kind of aerial lift is a vertical lift, known as a personnel lift. They can only accommodate one person at a time. Vertical lifts are helpful for hoisting workers up to or underneath areas. They are lightweight, adaptable, and are used almost exclusively inside. The smallest kind of aerial lift is a vertical lift, known as a personnel lift. These lifts can only accommodate one person at a time.

What is a Boom Lift
Boom lifts are different from scissor lifts in that they can reach places vertically and horizontally. They use a hydraulic arm that is connected to a bucket or platform.

  • Straight booms, also known as telescopic booms, have a long vertical reach and stretch like a telescope. However, their horizontal movement is severely constrained.
  • Articulating booms give the operator more flexibility because they can move horizontally to get around obstructions thanks to their many parts.

OSHA Training and ANSI A92 Standard Change The training requirements for ANSI's MEWP standards have gone through a significant revision. The new ANSI regulations mandate that training cover not only operators but also other crucial staff members who work closely with MEWPs. This includes operators, occupants, supervisors, and maintenance workers.

MEWP operators must now go through updated standards-based training. Operators will still need updated training even if they were trained according to the previous requirements. This went into effect as of June 2020. Therefore, anyone trained before June 2020 must seek out retraining. In order to keep certification valid, a refresher course must be taken every three years. Including the exam, each course typically lasts between two and two and a half hours, though the courses are intended for the trainees to move at their own pace.

What does this training cover?

  • Pre-Shift Inspections & Anatomy
  • Types of MEWPs
  • MEWPs Classification
  • Stability Principles
  • Recognize & prevent safety risks
  • Overhead Hazards
  • Power Line Hazards
  • Slope Hazards
  • Know your Machine & Worksite
  • Rescue
  • Rescue Plan
  • Rescue Equipment

We understand that there are many options for MEWP training programs. We are confident in the service we provide at Hard Hat Training (a brand of Safety Provisions, Inc.). Check out all of our construction safety training and certification courses here: http://hardhattraining.com/safety-training-topics.

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