New Book Unlocks the Keys to Public Relations Success: "Persuasion Business" Explains Skills, Tactics and Strategies for the Digital Age

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Persuading people to buy products or services, change their opinions, or support causes is difficult. But there are tactics that work – and you'll find them in this witty, fast-paced book. "The Persuasion Business" teaches realistic, powerful insights about how to tell a story, make an impact, and increase influence – and explains how the game of communications is played today.

“For many years, Robert has not only persuaded journalists to write glowingly about his clients, and in turn giving his clients the kind of valuable publicity that ‘money can’t buy,’” says Dave Boone, two-time Emmy and Writer’s Guild of America award-winning writer.

A comprehensive yet easy-to-follow book on the art and strategy of PR, “The Persuasion Business: How Public Relations Really Works,” from Dawning Press is now available or purchase and download ($9.95 for paperback and $4.95 for the Kindle download.)

Written by author, screenwriter, longtime Forbes contributor and PR professional Robert Wynne, “The Persuasion Business” guides college students, entrepreneurs, beginning PR professionals and even longtime practitioners through the steps that turn ideas into results, that transforms pitches into placements. The Foreward is written by author, political strategist, social media influencer and TV commentator Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project.

“This is not a dull academic textbook full of cliched theories and groupthink,” says Wynne. “Readers will learn how to think like a reporter, understand what is news and how to communicate with journalists and persuaders to achieve success.”

“Persuasion” updates the information from Wynne’s previous book, “Straight Talk About Public Relations,” (Maven House Press) with new insight regarding new social media platforms, how to combat fake news and disinformation, and studies from Muck Rack on the media and the industry. Chapters are organized on Public Relations, Social Media, Content Marketing and Measurement.

“Robert condenses and clarifies the big lessons of PR and communications strategy that help you build connection, relevance and emotional resonance with your audiences,” says Rick Wilson. “This isn’t a cliché PR cookbook of Tweet more and write great press releases. It is a guide to a philosophy and a mindset of communications that is clear, persuasive and effective…. it is a GPS to the modern landscape of PR, the changing face of the news media, and the emergence of social media as an amplifier and platform.”

Here are the Top 10 Lessons from “The Persuasion Business”:
· How to Think Like a Reporter: What's the story, why is it important and why now?
· Understanding two ways to make the news – Create a Story with something new and original or Follow a Story, aka “Hitching a Ride” on current events.
· How to write a compelling 10-to-12-word email headline that gets opened.
· The importance of short, two paragraph pitches that get to the point and compels journalists to action.
· The best ways to meet, contact and make friends with media and influencers.
· How to write compelling content – pitches, editorials and social media posts.
· The difference between useful content and self-promotional nonsense.
· The importance of responding quickly to lies and misinformation in the age of fake news.
· What content works best for each social media platform and why “going viral” is almost impossible.
· Three ways to become influential in social media.
· Basic measurement tips. Hint: there is no “magical formula” and most PR pros measure success by the number of mentions and placements along with benchmarking.

“For many years, Robert has not only persuaded journalists to write glowingly about his clients, and in turn giving his clients the kind of valuable publicity that ‘money can’t buy,’ he’s also persuaded his clients to change their thinking, messaging, strategies and philosophies about public relations,” says Dave Boone, two-time Emmy and Writer’s Guild of America award-winning writer. “It’s a no-nonsense approach that has worked since the days of Julius Caesar – and he became so famous that they named a casino, a salad and a haircut after him.”

During a 30-year career in public relations, Wynne has represented some of the top universities and schools in the nation including MIT, Cornell, USC, UCLA, Texas Christian University, Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt University. He has also worked for Raytheon, The Aerospace Corporation and other major organizations.

After reading The Persuasion Business, readers will understand how to influence individuals, groups, the media or a mass audience. Robert Wynne will teach you to publicize and grow your company, promote yourself, increase the recognition of your organization and guide you through the modern methods of media relations, social media and digital communications.

“Don’t start a career in public relations without reading this book,” says Nicole Rodrigues, owner and founder of the award-winning NRPR public relations agency in Beverly Hills.

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