Élephante Beach House Partners with GreenPlaces to Reduce Carbon Footprint & Become Carbon Neutral

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Wish You Were Here Group’s Élephante Beach House in Santa Monica, CA is now a Carbon Neutral business.

In addition to tracking and offsetting the restaurant's carbon footprint, Élephante has also committed to a sustainability plan aimed at reducing emissions.

Wish You Were Here Group has always focused on creating sustainable spaces, but this year the restaurant group’s Élephante Beach House – a buzzing rooftop bar and restaurant in Santa Monica, CA – has stepped up their climate commitment by becoming a carbon neutral business with the help of sustainability partner GreenPlaces. Last Spring, the Southern Mediterranean-inspired restaurant completed its first Greenhouse Gas Inventory Assessment to identify the emissions they produced and used in 2021, and then achieved carbon neutrality by offsetting those emissions through verified environmental investments that reduce or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To date, Élephante has offset 3,427 metric tons of carbon by investing in the following verified projects around the globe:

Launched in 2008, The Paradigm Project is a social enterprise providing products, services and opportunities that address basic human needs in the poorest markets of Africa. In Kenya, Paradigm created EzyLife, a company that distributes locally-appropriate, energy efficient cooking technologies to address the financial and environmental problems arising from open fire cooking and traditional stoves used in poor communities. The local jobs created by this project provide lasting benefits include reduced consumption of natural resources and positive impacts for women and girls.

This project allows energy harvested from flowing water to generate electricity as a renewable energy source in Turkey. These hydropower plants provide power without causing airborne pollutants and help to displace power generated by harmful fossil fuels.

This project not only protects existing native forests of Bloodwood trees in northern New South Wales, Australia, it also works to regenerate and restore thousands of additional hectares that were once flush with these trees, which get their name from the red, blood-like sap they secrete when cut down. By protecting the land from deforestation and allowing it to be managed in a way that protects local wildlife and biodiversity, the fragile ecosystem and landscape are able to thrive. A rigorous feral animal control program, extensive fencing, along with yard and watering programs, help establish a balanced and diverse ecosystem while also contributing to additional UN Sustainable Development goals beyond carbon sequestration.

Hudson Technologies is working to reduce the overall environmental impact refrigerants have on our world by reclaiming and reusing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) - the most commonly used refrigerant and a powerful greenhouse gas when released into the atmosphere. Hudson processes used refrigerants to remove oil and water so that they meet specifications for new refrigerant gas, and once restored, they are used in the maintenance of existing and newly manufactured products. By reclaiming, recertifying, and reusing refrigerants - 400,000 pounds to date - this project is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and promoting a more sustainable means of HFC use and management.

In addition to tracking emissions and offsetting their footprint with these investments, Élephante has also committed to a sustainability plan aimed at reducing their emissions through initiatives like sustainable design concepts, recycling and composting, reducing single-use plastics, signage to promote sustainable habits, highlighting earth-friendly menu offerings, supporting social causes, and adopting a Green Commuting Policy.To learn more about Élephante’s steps toward climate responsibility, please contact mallory@BeverlyBondPR.com.

About Wish You Were Here Group
Wish You Were Here Group is focused on hospitality and creating unforgettable dining experiences inspired by travel. The group’s multi-concept portfolio is responsible for some of the most beloved restaurants, cafes and bars across the country, which aim to transport guests to other parts of the world. Each property has its own unique vibe influenced by different cultures and cuisines and delivers delicious food and cocktails alongside exceptional service in thoughtfully designed spaces. Wish You Were Here Group’s restaurants, bars and lounges are currently in destinations including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York City with many more to come. For more information visit http://www.wishyouwereheregroup.com.

About GreenPlaces
GreenPlaces is an all-in-one sustainability platform that clears the path towards corporate climate responsibility, allowing companies to focus on what they do best while also doing good for the planet. Founded in 2021, GreenPlaces makes climate compliance and communication transparent, engaging and straightforward. The GreenPlaces solution gives businesses visibility into carbon emissions in order to achieve investor-grade reporting standards seamlessly, provides personalized guidance on strategies to reduce emissions and meet various ESG requirements, and produces shareable content to make sharing sustainability progress simple. For more information, visit http://www.GreenPlaces.com.

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