HDRsoft Announces the Release of Photomatix Pro Version 7

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Photomatix Pro 7 Introduces an Interactive Batch Processing Option, Additional HDR Format, and Improvements on Ghost Removal Feature.

Photomatix Pro HDR High Dynamic Range

Photomatix Pro 7 Batch Preview

Only Photomatix Pro gives users complete control when batch processing HDR photos. Now we are automatically shown a preview of each merged set, one after another, and choose unique settings (or preset) for each.

HDRsoft, makers of Photomatix software that pioneered High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo editing, have released version 7 of their flagship software Photomatix Pro. The latest version adds a new way of batch processing and significant improvements on existing features, which would have a compelling impact on further improving users’ workflow, help them get the desired results with greater consistency, and save time.Key benefits in the new release include:

  • More Control When Batch Processing. ‘Batch with preview’ is a new interactive feature which gives users more control when processing multiple sets of bracketed photos. Users can see a preview of each merged HDR image, and have the option to refine the results by adjusting the settings or applying a different preset for each one. This helps to streamline the workflow for people who take and process many photos of scenes with varying lighting conditions, such as real estate, travel, architecture, and landscape photographers.
  • Save and Load Ghost Removal Selection. The selective ghost removal feature adds an option to save the areas marked for deghosting. If there’s a need to process the image again, or to refine the area marked for ghost removal after leaving the deghosting window, users can just load the saved selection, avoiding the need to start over again.
  • Customizable Watermark Tool. Users can add their own text watermark to images with the new watermark tool. They can select the font, size, layout, and place the watermark on any part of the photo.
  • More Flexibility in Post-Processing. Version 7 adds the option to save HDR images in DNG format, including the 32-bit DNG for the merged HDR image before rendering. This file format option is fully compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom and other common photo editing apps, giving users more flexibility and additional options when post-processing.
  • Additional Option to Initiate Batch Processing. It is now possible to start batch processing by drag-and-drop or browsing files. This helps further speed up the workflow of users who like to view, sort and select photos in the Finder or Windows Explorer.

Photomatix Pro creates High Dynamic Range (HDR) images by merging several photos of the same scene taken at different exposures, and the merged images can then be adjusted with a range of precise controls and settings or with one-click presets. It is the most advanced among HDRsoft’s products and has an extensive suite of tools and options like automatic alignment of hand-held photos, deghosting feature for removing ghosts or visual artifacts when moving objects are present in the scene, color sliders for refining colors, blending options, and essential post-processing tools.

An important feature that sets Photomatix Pro apart is the multiple HDR rendering styles available. This allows both professional photographers and hobbyists to achieve the unique look and feel that they envision, from highly realistic to artistic looking HDR images. This flexibility opens up HDR techniques not just in landscape photography, but also in other areas such as real estate, architecture, panoramas, travel, and astrophotography.

Other fields that incorporate the use of Photomatix include medical imaging, forensic, product photography, time-lapse video, and visual effects.Photomatix Pro includes a robust batch processing option, and the addition of the ‘batch with preview’ in version 7 further improves this feature.

“Only Photomatix Pro gives users complete control when batch processing HDR photos,” said Ron Pepper, HDRsoft’s Business Development Manager. “Now we are automatically shown a preview of each merged set, one after another, and choose unique settings (or preset) for each”. He also added, “Real estate, travel, and landscape photographers regularly face the task of processing multiple sets of photos under varying light conditions. They are among the ones who will greatly benefit from this new innovation”.

Photomatix Pro 7 is available now for $99 USD for a one-time purchase, perpetual license. Customers who purchased Photomatix Pro 6 will receive a free upgrade. Earlier versions of Photomatix Pro can be upgraded for $29 USD.For more information please visit http://www.HDRsoft.com.

HDRsoft develops photo editing software based on high dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques. The company pioneered HDR photography with the introduction of its Photomatix software in 2003. Today, the company continues to build easy-to-use software tools that let photographers create eye-catching images. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has staff in the USA and several other countries.Media Contact Info: Review copies, screenshots, and demonstration images are available to members of the media. Please contact:
Ron Pepper
(415) 534-5039

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