Karta.io launches 1% cashback on all card spend for businesses

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Karta.io offers a new cashback program for all businesses. Platform users can earn up to 1% cashback on purchases and re-invest saved funds in business goals.

Karta.io, an all-in-one solution for business spend management, has announced a new cashback feature that allows companies to receive up to 1% back on any card payments. This feature is expected to help companies allocate more funds to successful advertising campaigns, scale them up faster, and spend savings on other company expenses.

Karta.io users can access a cashback feature that allows them to earn money while they pay for media services. The platform already offers several features for media buying: easy-to-access unlimited virtual cards and a flexible budget system. With their help, company employees can issue cards with trust BINs, connect them to a separate advertising network or campaign, and securely make payments on Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc. The budget manager can control all expenses, and the pre-set limit allows employees to avoid overspending on the allocated funds.

The cashback feature is an extension of the flexible spend management story. "We remembered our pain points from the performance marketing agency background," says Nick Zimarkov, Karta.io CEO. "You know how much money is spent on advertising and you have to pay for a big package of services. It's hard to forecast your budget and even more challenging to save money. Cashback gives you more 'space' because you know some funds will return, and you can re-invest in advertising or anything else — it's up to you to decide."

This can be a big bonus for agencies with large advertising budgets and multiple services that need to be paid online and for startups that want to save on media buying while not reducing but scaling their results — and get extra support. According to reports, the global media buying agencies' and representative firms' market size is expected to grow to $92.45 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 3.9%. Companies' ad spending will continue to be the larger category: by 2024, total media advertising spending in the United States is projected to reach 322 billion dollars. Current trends and metrics show that advertising spending will rise; therefore, for fast-growing US companies and startups, it will be critical to control costs flexibly and budget profitably.

As Nick Zimarkov points out, "We're 100% sure this feature will clean up the road for companies to get the most out of online advertising, pay profitably, and generally rethink how they spend. Karta.io already solves the problem of controlling expenses through cards, limits, and budgets, but now what is returned as cashback can act like a separate full-fledged budget for any expenses — that's the bonus point for media buyers."

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