Helium Releases Options Trading Strategies for Retail to Trade Like Market Makers

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Helium Trades, a Denver fintech firm, has announced the launch of a new research platform that enables retail traders to trade like market-markers by selling insurance on the market at attractive prices with edge. In addition to daily-optimized quantitative models, Helium’s AI writes balanced/objective news summaries for each stock to help investors gain an information advantage.

"Helium gives retail traders access to models and technology that were previously only accessible by large hedge funds. I'm excited to launch this platform and help retail traders trade more effectively." — Conner Lambden, Founder

Helium's options trading and news platform provides a unique opportunity for retail traders to generate income by selling insurance on the market at attractive prices. With its advanced technology and rigorous analysis, Helium is poised to revolutionize the way retail traders approach options trading.

Helium optimizes options ratio spreads with high expected value (edge), high probability of profit, a high reward to risk ratio, and long convexity. By selling the shoulders of the distribution and buying the wings, Helium’s risk profiles are similar to that of options market makers. Helium’s platform uses highly regularized machine learning on historical options prices, along with Black-Scholes implied probabilities, to maximize the expected terminal value of each trade.

The platform also optimizes for trades with high liquidity and tighter markets, as well as strategies with a historically high risk-adjusted return. All Helium trades have a maximum defined risk going into each trade, and the platform uses meta machine learning price forecasts to take small, hedged directional bets.

To be as objective as possible, Helium’s AI news summaries pull from diverse ideologically sources, with the ability empirically measure news source biases and even introspect on it’s own bias.

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