One AI Unveils Generative AI Solution for CRMs, Empowering CRM Providers and Clients to Enhance Customer Service and Engagement

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Multilingual AI capabilities will improve user satisfaction, drive insights, save time, improve data integrity, and automate processes

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“One AI's solution for CRM is what businesses need today to stay competitive and what customers will come to expect from any product or service in the near future,” said Amit Ben, co-founder and CEO, One AI.

One AI, a platform that enables businesses to utilize the world's best generative AI in their products and services, today announced its AI solution for CRM companies and enterprise customers.

One AI’s multilingual AI capabilities can be tuned to meet specific customer needs and integrated into any existing CRM system, in days. The solution will help organizations maximize lead conversion, enhance customer engagement and increase their revenue.

“It’s like having an additional 1,000 relentless, diligent, employees on your team, analyzing every customer interaction 24/7, at a fraction of the cost,” said Amit Ben, co-founder and CEO, One AI. “It is what businesses need today to stay competitive and what customers will come to expect from any product or service in the near future.”

One AI's solution empowers CRM companies and their customers to add capabilities seamlessly and quickly like topics and action items extraction, follow-up reminders, summarizing conversations, and detecting customer sentiment and emotion, enhancing both the operational and analytical aspects.

Other benefits include:

● Improving user satisfaction: With One AI’s solution for CRM, organizations can have a complete overview of each customer across the journey. It summarizes and extracts key information from every customer interaction to provide a more efficient and personalized experience and it helps identify trending issues, new competitors, and feature requests to stay ahead of the competition and exceed customer expectations. One AI’s solution also helps enhance the overall customer experience through faster response times, and improved overall communication.

● Gaining insights: Advanced AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) can be used to identify entities, emotions, sentiments and more in customer interactions, providing a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction. Users can track important sales and marketing opportunities, quickly identify the next action to take, and increase their lead-to-deal conversion rate.

● Saving time, improving data integrity and automating: Automation of routine and mundane tasks can free up time for more strategic activities, improving efficiency and productivity for businesses. One AI’s CRM capabilities can be used to improve data integrity, ensuring that customer interactions are accurately captured and analyzed. Tagging tickets and knowledge-base articles can also improve search capabilities, making it easy for users to find relevant information quickly.

“Through our collaboration with One AI we are able to not only summarize customer calls and extract emotions and insights, but also analyze multiple calls as a group for a more meaningful understanding and a more personalized experience,” said Vlad Papancea, founder and CTO, NLX. NLX offers brands an end-to-end no-code platform for building, managing and analyzing all their self-service conversations and enables the creation of personalized voice, chat and multimodal conversations all in one place.

“With One AI’s CRM solution, the ‘Voice of the Customer’ is elevated to a whole new level as businesses now have an in-depth understanding of their customer needs, preferences, and behaviors by summarizing and extracting data from customer conversations, clustering input from transcripts, chat and emails,” added Ben. “It really provides a 360-degree view of sales and market opportunities across channels so organizations can increase their lead-to-deal conversion rates.”

One AI was founded by serial entrepreneurs and executives in 2022. The founders previously co-founded NanoRep, later sold to LogMeIn (LOGM). After building NLP solutions from scratch several times in the past, they decided it was time to productize it and make it available for every developer. Pre-trained for concrete business use-cases, One AI models can be experimented with in a no-code Language Studio, and seamlessly integrated into products with One AI’s API.

About One AI

As generative AI rapidly transforms industries, businesses must either adapt or risk being left behind. One AI steps in to offer a solution - we curate and tune the world's top AI capabilities, so you get advanced AI solutions tailored to your business, in days.

One AI accelerates the success of businesses on their AI journey with the Language Studio, Language Analytics, and a comprehensive library of customizable AI Skills. In addition to our generative AI capabilities, we allow conversion of everyday language into structured, actionable data, providing seamless integration into products and services. Our API powers the efficient analysis and processing of text, audio, and video data at scale.

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