Wunderkind Launches WunderKIND Ads To Address Advertising’s Biggest Challenges

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Placing a premium on Consumer Experience, WunderKIND Ads helps foster brand safe environments in order to give publishers and advertisers alike the ability to generate more engaged and valuable impressions

Wunderkind, a leading digital marketing solution for performance marketing and advertising - announced today the launch of WunderKIND Ads in order to help publishers and advertising partners deliver an unparalleled user-first ad experience.

The launch of WunderKIND Ads – delivering user-first ad experiences across a curated list of over 200 top-tier publishers – builds upon the company’s Post Content Ads solution that first launched in 2017. WunderKIND Ads leverages the company’s proprietary technology that recognizes real-time consumer behavior to give brands the ability to serve ads to potential customers only after they have finished an online session. The result is a highly effective ad experience that delivers both a brand safe environment and drives higher engagement and ROI.

The WunderKIND Ads product now offers additional ways to measure media performance with advanced analytics partners. Adelaide Attention Metrics drive efficient investment, by increasing the visibility of media quality and going beyond viewability with their proprietary Attention Unit metric. A partnership with SmartCommerce also allows clients to benefit from crucial Add-to-Cart tracking. WunderKIND Ads is available in both the U.S. and, with this launch, expanding to the U.K and Canada.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, KFC, IBM, Dell, Paramount, and many others are already using WunderKIND ads with impressive results. Company data shows that WunderKIND Ads drives 30% higher attention quality for advertisers, resulting in an industry leading gross CPM for publishers of $10 - $15.

“WunderKIND Ads delivered on a wide range of objectives for us; everything from upper funnel awareness and engagement down to lower funnel on-site actions, registrations and purchases. Having one partner that can deliver up and down the funnel has been critical to our brands' success,” said Tito Flores III, Client Investment Lead, MediaCom.

“While working across our Meta account, specifically focusing on our Facebook Gaming campaigns, we were facing a challenge of increasing mid-funnel engagements. Wunderkind immediately came to mind based on the success I’ve experienced with their units and inventory in the past. Ultimately, we ended up seeing great success with our mid-funnel campaign – driving high CTRs/VCRs (all above benchmarks) and ultimately a large percent increase in Facebook Gaming account signups, which was the client’s main KPI,” said Cody Crawford, Associate Director, Programmatic, Dentsu.

"It's super hard to find a partner that can drive full-funnel performance. But Wunderkind has been able to do all of that, like drive performance for a mid-funnel campaign, which high impact partners usually can't do,” Celina Jaggi, Associate Director, Programmatic, EssenceMediacom.

“This is a monumental step forward for publishers, brands and consumers themselves,” said Bill Ingram, CEO, Wunderkind. “Traditional ads on publisher sites often disrupt the user experience, regularly causing them to exit out of an ad immediately and leave. WunderKIND Ads – available in a true programmatic fashion through any DSP in a biddable and unreserved manner – will not render on page load. Instead, we’re leaning in on our tech to recognize real-time behaviors to find and serve visitors at the best time available, giving advertisers more true qualified ad engagement and a better overall brand and publisher experience.”

WunderKIND Ads was developed in response to a growing need for more elegant advertising solutions designed to address many of today’s advertising challenges. According to the recently released Kindness In Advertising Report examining consumer attitudes towards the online advertising experience 95% of users find ads interruptive. Another 92% feel digital ads have become more intrusive over the last few years.

However advertising with more empathy towards the user experience results in better reception. According to the report, 68% of consumers said they are most likely to engage with an ad when completely disengaged from content while 60% said they preferred to see ads only when they’ve finished engaging with the publisher content.

Clearly, how ads are presented to viewers online is just as important (or more) than the content of the ad itself. WunderKIND Ads address this reality by serving relevant ads to online visitors only after they have finished their browsing experience.

Kind advertising is effective advertising. That’s the WunderKIND Ads promise.

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