New Lyme Disease Vaccine Research Study For Children Aims to Combat Growing Tick Threat

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As we gear up for the warmer months, it's crucial to be prepared for the upcoming tick season and the potential risk of Lyme disease. ALSA Research is enrolling healthy kids 5-17 years of age for a Lyme disease vaccine clinical trial.

With the tick season well underway, a new vaccine research study is being conducted in both Bridgeport and Stamford, Connecticut to help protect children from the growing threat of Lyme disease. The study, which is focused on children between the ages of 5 and 17, aims to add a weapon that aids in the prevention of Lyme disease in this vulnerable population.

Lyme disease is a serious illness that can be transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. Symptoms can include fever, fatigue, joint pain, and headaches, and if left untreated, the infection can lead to more serious complications such as neurological problems or heart disease. This year, experts are predicting a particularly bad tick season, which makes the need for research into Lyme disease prevention even more urgent.

The new vaccine research study, which is being led by a team of experienced healthcare professionals and researchers, will focus on the evaluation of the safety of a vaccine for Lyme disease in children. The study will involve a group of children who will receive the study vaccine, and their immune response and overall health will be closely monitored over the course of the study.

"We believe that a vaccine for Lyme disease could be an important tool in the fight against this growing public health threat," said Dr. Amy Kappelman, an investigator on the study. "This year's tick season is expected to be particularly bad, and we need to find better ways to protect children from this dangerous disease."

The research team hopes that this study will provide valuable insights into the development of an effective vaccine for Lyme disease in children.

The clinical research study is currently recruiting participants, and interested families are encouraged to contact the research team for more information. To learn more about this study, visit or call 203-374-9816 for the Bridgeport location or 203-325-8529 for Stamford.

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ALSA Research is a leading research institution with two dedicated clinical research facilities situated in Bridgeport, CT and Stamford, CT. Our team of experienced researchers and healthcare professionals are dedicated to conducting innovative research studies that can help to advance the field of medicine and improve the lives of patients.

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