5 Most Effective Uses Of Graphic Design -- Plus, The Top 30 Graphic Design Agencies, According To DesignRush

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Almost 42 percent of marketers believe that original graphics are their best-performing content – and DesignRush determined which platforms ensure that custom graphic design will grow a business.

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Without custom visuals in digital advertisements, websites, and other marketing strategies, the brand's objective will be lost on consumers and businesses will not see the conversions they need to succeed. -- DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian

Nearly 42 percent of marketers believe that original graphics are their best-performing content.

But which platforms are the most effective channels for custom graphic design and how can brands design visuals that will strategically grow their business?

DesignRush.com, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, discovered the best uses of graphic design in business. These tactics help communicate marketing messages, improve brand awareness, and ultimately make brands more profitable.

The top 5 uses of graphic design include:

1. Infographics

Many brands overlook the power of infographics. However, studies show that consumers share infographics three times more than they share any other content.

Infographics are doubly helpful for brands because they can visually entice consumers while simultaneously informing them.

To create a valuable infographic, brands should:

  • Write a compelling headline.
  • Include consistent graphics and illustrations throughout the entire infographic.
  • Create a consistent color scheme and aesthetic.
  • Ensure the visuals reinforce the corresponding text copy.
  • And more!

2. Videos

Graphic design has the ability to elevate traditional video marketing campaigns – and because video will be included in about 80 percent of all content this year, brands need to make theirs stand out.

Businesses can include graphic design in their videos through multiple tactics, such as:

  • Motion graphic videos.
  • Animated GIFs.
  • Added graphic design elements in live-action videos.
  • And more!

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing offers the best return on investment for brands – and incorporating visuals can make those campaigns more meaningful and drive more revenue.

Businesses can include the following graphics in their email newsletters and marketing campaigns to boost effectiveness:

  • Branded banners.
  • Calls to action.
  • Custom images that pair with text content.
  • And more!

However, brands should be careful not to be gratuitous with their use of graphics. Research shows that too many images within the body of an email campaign decreases click-through rates.

4. Social Media

Integrating visuals in social media posts and advertisements is proven to improve engagement and click-through rates.

For instance, tweets that include images see upwards of 150 percent more retweets. In addition, Facebook posts with images have a 2.3 times higher engagement rate.

Plus, platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram rely almost solely on the power of graphics and visuals, and 80 percent of marketers include visuals regularly in their overall social media marketing strategy.

Brands should follow these best practices to ensure their images and graphics are successful on social media:

  • Minimize text in images for ads.
  • Optimize the image size for optimal circulation.
  • Ensure the graphic is compelling.
  • Post brand-building graphics that encourage consumers to engage with the brand online.
  • And more!

5. Charts, Data & Presentations

Research shows that 20 percent of companies believe including visuals in their data presentations creates the most engagement.

In fact, charts and data visualizations are the third-most popular form of visuals.

Incorporating custom graphics into presentations helps businesses create a strong brand identity from the inside out and foster successful professional partnerships.

Additionally, visuals in presentations can be helpful for B2B business growth.

“Investing in graphic design is crucial for every marketing initiative,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Without custom visuals in digital advertisements, websites, and the marketing strategies listed above, the brand's objective will be lost on consumers and businesses will not see the conversions they need to succeed.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the best local and global graphic design companies. Some of the top graphic design agencies from around the world include:

1. Activate Health

Activate Health is a full-service branding and marketing firm dedicated to serving clients across the healthcare industry. They partner with leading health insurers, health technology firms, health systems and data analytics companies to help them better understand their markets, develop creative that resonates, and position their brands for success.

Visit Activate Health at: https://activate-health.com/

2. Agrego

Agrego is a young group of designers and professionals who love what they do. Agrego is a comprehensive design agency specialized in interdisciplinary design. They offer a wide range of services, including branding, graphic design, digital, 3D, motion graphics, product, photography, video and more. They put their passion and all of their dedication into each project, striving and committing themselves to achieve the best results.

Visit Agrego at: https://agrego.com.ar/

3. Art Fresh Inc.

Art Fresh is a multi-award-winning full-service branding agency. They provide high-quality services that include market research, marketing strategy, naming, branding, content marketing and social media support. They specialize in top quality packaging and exclusive web design. Art Fresh creates powerful ideas that sell, and they build brands that stand out.

Visit Art Fresh Inc. at: https://www.art-fresh.ca/

4. AXIS Visual

Simply put, AXIS Visual packages information in ways that get attention and deliver not only a positive message, but the appropriate one to customers, clients or target markets. That means we use creativity, business knowledge and the understanding of production processes and a tremendous amount of experience to develop strategies and tactics that promote companies, product and service.

Visit AXIS Visual at: http://www.axisvisual.com/

5. Badie Designs

Badie Designs is an Atlanta-based boutique creative agency that’s eager to elevate businesses to the next level. They specialize in branding, web development and marketing. Badie Designs helps their clients succeed by providing creative solutions that increase growth and profitability.

Visit Badie Designs at: http://www.badiedesigns.com/

6. Brand Satellite

Brand Satellite is a brand consultancy and integrated advertising, graphic design and marketing agency. Through a range of complementary communications services, they help businesses who have either never approached their business as a brand before or are not making the most of the brand they have.

Visit Brand Satelite at: https://brandsatellite.co.uk/

7. Brocksfield Design Company

Brocksfield Design Company’s mission is to help brands, businesses, and organizations look their best and get noticed by the right audience. Owned and operated by long-time collaborators and Albany natives Timothy L. Brock and Rachel Mansfield, Brocksfield Design Company is deeply invested in adding value to their local community through creativity and innovation, while also serving clients all over the world.

Visit Brocksfield Design Company at: https://brocksfield.com/

8. Capsule

CAPSULE specializes in brand strategy, corporate and product naming, mark and identity design, collateral system design, experience design, packaging design, website design and social media strategy. Since 1999, the Minneapolis, MN firm has lent its distinctive methods and perspectives to the international design community.

Visit Capsule at: https://capsule.us/

9. Dedica

Dedica prides themselves on their ability to truly immerse themselves in the client’s brand, consumers, and the competitive landscape in which they exist. This core understanding gives Dedica the insight they need to find the consumer connection points that are so important to the success of any brand or product. Without these connectors there is nothing to hold a brand in the mind of the consumer and keep it relevant to their wants and needs.

Visit Dedica at: http://dedicagroup.com/

10. Dessein

Dessein’s branding and packaging design has launched international celebrity brands onto the Australian market, provided the foundations for start-up products, brought new life to tired brands – both big and small and escalated international sales to heights never thought imaginable. They are a small design team in Perth, Western Australia. Their studio is small, unpretentious, practical and busy. Dessein knows their craft and they love what they do. Their design philosophy is to create brands of the heart – brands which engage, excite and evoke a personal response.

Visit Dessein at: http://www.dessein.com.au/

11. Empirical Designs

Empirical Designs is a graphic design studio in New York that specializes in logo design, branding, website design, as well as print and digital marketing to help grow businesses.

Visit Empirical Designs at: https://www.empiricaldesigns.net/

12. Foster & Create

Foster & Create is a Boston-based full-service creative agency focused on health and life sciences. They thoughtfully integrate strategy, design, content and technology to create distinctive brand platforms, communication programs, digital solutions and multi-channel experiences that connect brands to people in relevant ways.

Visit Foster & Create at: https://www.fosterandcreate.com/

13. Graphos

Graphos is a growth agency that transforms brands into market leaders. Focused on creating measurable results, Graphos builds on tree pillars of branding, digital marketing and growth to holistically, accountably create and manage change.

Visit Graphos at: https://graphos.ca/

14. In-sphere

In-sphere is a web agency specialized in web design and digital marketing. Their experience allows them to offer a wide range of services to improve clients’ Internet visibility, generate leads, increase their return on investment (ROI) or strengthen their brand image.

Visit In-sphere at: https://www.in-sphere.fr/

15. J-N-K Services Inc

J-N-K provides professional graphic design, commercial printing, digital printing, offset printing, mailing services, posters, banners, fleet wraps and vehicle wraps, bindery services and high-speed color and B&W copying. They can help brands create a logo and all of the marketing material needed – postcards, flyers, brochures and catalogs! They design and print all stationery items such as business cards, envelopes and letterhead.

Visit J-N-K Services Inc at: http://www.jnkservices.com/

16. J.Schmid

J.Schmid has spent the last 35 years helping clients tell their story and sell products. They are direct marketers at heart, but today, they are more than that. Over the years, J.Schmid has discovered that they have a knack for creating the strategy and content that helps brands tell their stories across all channels. Today, they partner with brands across the globe to do just that.

Visit J.Schmid at: https://www.jschmid.com/

17. Korak Studio

Korak Studio is a young design studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. They craft creative concepts, visual identities, print and digital design, websites and similar stuff for nice people worldwide. Their belief is that looking good is a wonderful thing, but good design is not just what looks good. It also has to stay true to its purpose, to transform, amaze, and overall, make sense. They aim to translate their work philosophy, passion and dedication into fresh and exciting experiences, with strong relationships formed along the process.

Visit Korak Studio at: http://korakstudio.com/

18. Leidar

Leidar is an international advocacy, branding and communication consultancy that helps clients set their course, navigate and communicate effectively. Their offices in Geneva, Oslo, London, Brussels and Dubai work together seamlessly to deliver powerful brand strategy and communications for international clients in all sectors.

Visit Leidar at: https://www.leidar.com/

19. Logobox d.o.o.

Logobox d.o.o.’s range of services includes graphic design, web design and development, digital and social media marketing as well as print and production of promotional material. Their focus is on long-term relationships with their clients, to whom they provide the real full-service deal. They plan, they develop, they write and produce the material and place it on the best suitable and goal-oriented media and channels. They follow the results and optimize for best performance.

Visit Logobox d.o.o. at: https://logobox.agency/

20. Opus Brand Consult

Opus Brand Consult has been known for 20 years for helping emerging tech and manufacturing companies to bring their vision to market. With strategic thinking, creative solutions, and deep industry expertise, all the collaborators and partners work together to ensure success.

Visit Opus Brand Consult at: https://www.marcposchdesign.com/opusbrandconsult/

21. Parent

Parent is a brand and digital design agency specializing in luxury and premium clients across a diverse range of market sectors. Parent build brands that build businesses using a collaborative, invested approach.

Visit Parent at: http://www.madebyparent.com/

22. Pixel Productions Inc.

Pixel Productions Inc a full-service graphic and website design company. They help businesses at every level define and shape their visual image, including everything from their logo to retail packaging to marketing materials, taking each business online and making sure it gets noticed.

Visit Pixel Productions Inc. at: https://www.pixelproductionsinc.com/

23. Poncho Studio

Poncho is a design and communication studio run by a team of transdisciplinary professionals based in Buenos Aires. They work closely together with their clients to generate and design strategies of communication which add value to their goods and services. Their experience comes from working over ten years in projects for firms, cultural projects, government and private businesses. They believe that a robust communication strategy gives a boost to brands and leaves an impact
on users and customers.

Visit Poncho Studio at: https://helloponcho.com/eng/

24. Quinn Marketing

Quinn Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in working with services-based businesses located within the Australian marketplace. Quinn Marketing has established itself as a leader within the traditional and digital space.

Visit Quinn Marketing at: https://www.quinnmarketing.com.au/

25. The Marketing Machine

The Marketing Machine (TMM) is an innovative, creative marketing agency located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Their mission is to do everything it takes to bring B2C brands to life. They work with both Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business companies (B2B) looking to improve or establish their brand presence. They provide conceptual, design and production resources to help brands build long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Visit The Marketing Machine at: https://www.themmachine.com/

26. The Simons Group

Before content was ever crowned king, The Simons Group built their reputation on the philosophy that great marketing is defined by flawlessly crafted messaging. They believe that when the words are perfect, the design follows suit, and the message moves the audience to action.

Visit The Simons Group at: https://thesimonsgroup.com/

27. TriLion Studios

TriLion Studios is a design and development studio based in Lawrence, Kansas. They are fiercely creative, proudly dependable and surprisingly nimble.

Visit TriLion Studios at: https://www.trilionstudios.com/

28. Tuskany Agency

Taking an innovative, design thinking, end-user centric approach is how businesses achieve more effective branding, marketing and advertising. That’s what Tuskany Agency does every day for brands that want a bigger competitive advantage and simply better communication tools. Their approach drives stronger relationships between brands and consumers. They develop brand identities with greater purpose and meaning, and create consumer experiences that deeply resonate with audiences and drive solid brand sampling and loyalty.

Visit Tuskany Agency at: https://www.tuskany.co.nz/

29. Verve Marketing Group

Verve Marketing Group is an award-winning brand, advertising, and design agency based in the Chicago area. They agency was formed out of a love for words and aesthetics – and the power of creative communications to change beliefs and move people to action. More than creative for creative’s sake, they put their talents to work for the pragmatic purpose of giving voice and energy to worthwhile brands.

Visit Verve Marketing Group at: https://vervemarketinggroup.com/

30. VistaGraphics Inc.

VistaGraphics Inc. finds solutions to fit their clients' needs and budget. From custom and hospitality to lifestyle and web-based publishing, VistaGraphics is a full-service media company offering clients turnkey publishing solutions, design and production for print and web applications.

Visit VistaGraphics Inc. at: https://www.vistagraphicsinc.com/

Brands can view the best graphic design studios by cost, portfolio, expertise, experience, rankings and more on DesignRush. Users can easily filter to compare graphic design firms and find the best graphic designers that can create successful visual content.    

About DesignRush: DesignRush.com is B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies.

DesignRush features the top agencies around the world, including the best Graphic Design Companies, Digital Agencies, Logo Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, Video Production, Website Design, and more.

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