70 Inch LED TV Deals: Best 70 Inch TV Specs and Comparisons Published by LED TV Reviews

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Daily DEALS on Sharp Aquos, Samsung, Sony, Vizio and other 70” LED TVs revealed. LCD TV Buying Guide with 10 specs also published at http://BestLEDTVReview.org/.

Best 70 inch LED TV Review

Best 70 inch LED TV Review

Special attention must be paid to avoid TVs with motion blur when it comes to large sizes like 70 inch LED TVs.

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With giant-screen LED TVs becoming more affordable, slimmer, and lighter than ever, the temptation to go bigger has become greater than ever. After all, boys will always be boys; naturally, they want a bigger, better TV. A few years ago, the only available over 70 inch TVs were half-ton rear projection DLP TVs. However, today, 70 inch LED TV sets are available from all kinds of brand names.

Unfortunately, due to various technical problems of certain models, only a handful can be recommended. BEST 70 inch LED TVs published by http://BestLedTvReview.org/ helps consumers take the guesswork out of the equation and identify the HDTV that suits them best.

Technical problems of low-quality LCD LED TVs emphasized:

The importance of thorough research before purchasing a large-screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV cannot be emphasized enough. There are many ‘junk’ models with attractive price tags out there. However, in the long run, these TVs end up being a bad choice because of poor picture quality, poor uniformity across the screen, dead pixels, lack of deep whites and/or blacks, poor durability, and various other technical problems.

The problem of motion blur / lag explained:

Displays, as big as 70” LED TVs have the additional problem of ‘lag/delay’ with fast moving pictures. For example, if a football moves 3 inches in 1 second on a 35 inch screen, it has to move 6 inches in 1 second on a 70 inch screen. The ‘lag’ won’t be noticeable on the 35” TV, however, it will be noticed on the 70” TV (because the ball has to travel twice the distance during the same time interval) unless it’s equipped to handle it. Many mediocre-quality 60 – 70 inch TV models are plagued with ‘motion blur’ as a result of this ‘lag’. This is the very reason why one should not settle for anything less than a top name brand like Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic or Vizio when shopping for a 70 inches or bigger LED TV. The list of TVs at http://BestLEDTVReview.org/Best-Over-70-LED-HDTVs/ is a highly recommended read for anyone interested in purchasing a large flat screen TV. A refresh rate of at least 120 Hz is recommended to avoid motion blur on giant screens like 60”, 70” and 80” LED TVs.

The IDEAL tech specs of a giant flat screen HDTV explained:

10 Specs of the IDEAL LED TV addresses the tech specs to look out for when choosing a suitable 70 inch TV. The most important of these are screen resolution, refresh rate, type of LED backlighting (e.g. edge-lit or full array), and availability of local/micro dimming. Complete details of the ideal figures for other specs can be found at http://BestLEDTVReview.org/10-Specs-Ideal-70-LED-TV/.

In addition to 70 inch LED TVs, they also review the best 60 inch LED TV sets. Incidentally, the best 60” and 70” LED TVs from both sizes happen to be mostly the same models. For example, the Sharp Aquos series (LC-70LE757 and LC-60LE757U), Sony (KDL-60R550A and KDL70R520A) and Samsung (UN60F7100 and UN75F6400) TVs were named the best TVs in both size categories.

Seasonal Deals updated daily.

LCD HDTVs, rear-projection TVs as well as Plasma TVs go on sale during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the whole Christmas shopping season leading all the way up to Super Bowl. Their website is constantly updated with various 70” LED TV Deals from stores and online retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon.com, TigerDirect, Paul’s TV and Frys.

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