A Major Milestone in Digital Transformation for the Pharmaceutical Industry With the Release of Allotrope™ Data Model Version 1

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Allotrope Foundation announces the release the first version of an Allotrope™ Data Model (ADM), completing the phased release of the Allotrope™ Framework for standardizing scientific data and its context.

With the delivery of the Allotrope™ Data Models we have completed the first version of the Allotrope™ Framework.

Allotrope Foundation announces the release the first version of an Allotrope™ Data Model (ADM), completing the phased release of the Allotrope™ Framework for standardizing scientific data and its context. The release of this significant new capability combines with the previously released Allotrope™ Data Format (ADF) and application programming interfaces (APIs), and the Allotrope Foundation© Ontologies (AFO) to comprise the first framework to produce standardized and semantically aware scientific data from the point of creation. This is a major milestone towards realizing Allotrope Foundation’s mission to revolutionize the way the industry acquires, shares and gain insights from scientific data in a vendor and platform independent data format and common vocabulary and language that can capture the complete who, what, where, how and why of an experiment and establish the basis for true exploration of scientific data. To support the commercial release of the ADM, Allotrope Foundation also released an updated version of the AFO product in Dec 2018 which features additional content required to support a vendor-neutral RDF graph data model for HPLC-UV. Vincent Antonucci, Business Product Owner of the ADM Product and Vice-Chair, Allotrope Board of Directors observes “Completion of the final framework product is a huge milestone. It positions the Allotrope community to begin shifting our focus towards application of the framework to drive real world outcomes through adoption of Allotrope-enabled solutions.”

Wolfgang Colsman, OSTHUS’ Chief Innovation Officer noted: “With the delivery of the Allotrope™ Data Models we have completed the first version of the Allotrope™ Framework. It is exciting to see the uptake of this new enabling technology, demonstrated by first vendor products being generally available only one month after the release. OSTHUS is looking forward to continue working with our vendor partners and customers to drive adoption and accelerate the digital transformation.”

To learn more about the Allotrope™ Framework and its application, please plan to attend our next public workshop hosted by Biovia in Velizy, France April 9, 2019. For more information visit http://www.allotrope.org

More about ADM
Allotrope™ Data Models (ADM), provides the third foundational piece of the Framework: a mechanism to define data structures (schemas, templates) that describe how to use the ontologies for a given purpose in a standardized (i.e., reproducible, predictable, verifiable) way. These data models provide software developers the template for creating and reading data from an Allotrope™ Data Format (ADF) file, in a vendor and instrument neutral structure, developed through collaboration across the community of analytical scientists that are experts in how instruments and data are used. The development team included technical and scientific experts from Allotrope member companies, instrument manufacturers and software companies participating in the Allotrope™ Partner Network, and semantic and data modelling experts at OSTHUS, the Allotrope™ Framework Architect. The ADM product has a modular design that leverages a growing library of generalized data modeling patterns which can be readily reused to develop additional data models across new domains. The ADM, like ADF and APIs (java and C#) are available publicly under an access model which allows for the commercial and non-commercial distribution of Allotrope enabled software as well as for academic and research use.

More about AFO
The Allotrope Foundation© Ontologies (AFO) include taxonomies and ontologies that establish the basis of a controlled vocabulary and the relationships needed to both describe and execute measurements in the lab on analytical instruments as well data interpretation. Drawing from thought leaders across Allotrope member companies and the Allotrope™ Partner Network and real world use cases, the AFO provides standard machine-interpretable language which describes the relationships between the equipment, processes, materials, and results. AFO provides semantic context to scientific data and is based on an extensible design which allows for regular expansion in support of a broader range of techniques, instruments, and connecting domains required to contextualize end to end workflows. The AFO is made publically available for use by anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution License to contribute to the advancement of science through the creation of linked data that standardizes experimental parameters so we can remove human error and enhance scientific reproducibility.

About the Allotrope™ Framework
The Framework is currently comprised of three components and is designed to evolve as science and technology evolves, maintaining access and interoperability with legacy data, while lowering the barriers to innovation by removing the dependencies of legacy data formats.

Allotrope Foundation is continuing to progress on its mission and deliverables. The first public release of the ADF and APIs (java and C#) was announced in July 2017 and the AFO release was announced in March 2018.

About the Allotrope Foundation
Allotrope Foundation is an international consortium of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and other scientific research-intensive companies, and over 40 commercial and academic partners, with a common vision to rethink scientific data, and revolutionize the way we acquire, share and gain insights from scientific data throughout its complete lifecycle, with an initial focus on analytical chemistry. The Allotrope™ Framework enables cross-platform data transfer, facilitates data sharing, and vastly increases its ease of use, giving rise to a new generation of software applications built to leverage any data from any analytical instrument. This effort is fully funded by the members of Allotrope Foundation. For more information, please visit: http://www.allotrope.org/.

About the Allotrope™ Partner Network
The Allotrope™ Partner Network is a platform for Allotrope Foundation’s collaboration with the vendor community and members of academia to exchange ideas, provide input and obtain the tools and information needed to support the Allotrope™ Framework in software, hardware and services. Members enjoy access to technical training materials, pre-release software, comprehensive educational tools, and access to the real-life business requirements and Subject Matter Experts from Allotrope Foundation.

Join Us
Allotrope Foundation thrives on the collaborative contributions of its members and provides many opportunities for participation including design direction, early access to software, and valuable insights gained through workshops, seminars, and regular internal communications. Allotrope Foundation and the Allotrope™ Partner Network welcome new members to take part in these collaborative efforts, and drive the roadmap of future domains and innovation.

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