A New Article Presents The Top Car Insurance Mistakes That Will Invalidate Coverage

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Cheapquotesautoinsurance.com (https://cheapquotesautoinsurance.com/) announces a new blog post, “The Most Common Mistakes That Will Invalidate Your Car Insurance”

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“Car insurance is an absolute necessity for any driver in the US. In some cases, drivers can make some mistakes that will invalidate their insurance policies”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

Cheapquotesautoinsurance.com has launched a new blog post that presents the most common situations that can lead to a car insurance cancelation.

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Car insurance can help drivers overcome delicate situations that can occur after a car accident. Also, car insurance is required by law in most states of the US, with the exception of New Hampshire. However, in some cases, the insurers might decide to cancel the policies of certain drivers.

The most common reasons that can lead to policy cancelation, are the following:

  • Insurance fraud. Car insurance providers lose billions of dollars each year. Insurers will compensate for the loss by charging higher premiums to everyone. Drivers who are caught committing insurance fraud will have their policies immediately canceled. On top of that, they will have to face legal penalties, that can range from a large fine and up to ten years in jail.
  • Driving under influence. Drivers who are caught driving while intoxicated will get their policies canceled. The penalties for this crime can range from a hefty fine to one year in jail. Also, drivers will need to carry an SR-22 form for at least three years.
  • Not reporting car modifications. Some modifications will make the car more susceptible to theft, while others will improve the performance. Not reporting the modifications done to a vehicle can lead to policy cancelation.
  • Using a personal car for business. Many ridesharing services are available all across the US. Drivers need commercial insurance or ridesharing insurance in order to use their cars for ridesharing. Drivers that are ridesharing without having one of these types of insurance policies can risk having their insurance policy voided.
  • Failing to pay the premiums. Drivers that are not paying their premiums are not covered. In some cases, drivers that have a good reputation and they missed only one payment, will be forgiven by the insurers and they will be allowed to keep their insurances.
  • Driving with pets. Bringing the pet while driving is a potential risk factor. Drivers should ensure that the pets are properly secured in their places. Drivers that get involved in car accidents without having their pets secured will get their policies voided.

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