A New Book “Your4Truths: How Beliefs Impact Your Life” Helps Individuals Understand What's Blocking Their Ability to Achieve Their Deepest Desires

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From the Founder of Aligned Consciousness and PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Judy Kane, “Your4Truths” Describes the Impact of the Subconscious Mindset


Knowing that you are safe, worthy, lovable, and connected to something bigger frees you to fully embrace your life as your authentic self.

Subconscious beliefs often cause powerful resistance to inner desires. In fact, an individual’s life is a true reflection of their limiting beliefs, most of which are established by the time they are seven years old. Judy Kane, a PSYCH-K® facilitator, believes that people can identify and release subconscious beliefs that keep them repeating unhealthy, stressful patterns. Helping people alter their subconscious beliefs for over a decade, Kane is taking her expertise public by publishing her first book, Your4Truths: How Beliefs Impact Your Life, available for purchase in November 2021.

Your4Truths will allow readers to explore four basic beliefs and learn how altering them can allow decision-making based on wants instead of fears. Individuals will be able to stop second-guessing their decisions, collaborate with others, feel compassion for others and understand that they are part of something much bigger.

“Knowing that you are safe, worthy, lovable, and connected to something bigger frees you to fully embrace your life as your authentic self,” states Kane. “The shifts my clients experience result in them finally achieving what they’ve longed to, with ease and comfort.”

Kane uses the PSYCH-K® process to help individuals rewrite subconscious, self-limiting beliefs to ones that better support their conscious goals. This approach can help people overcome uncomfortable emotions ranging from phobias, panic, and stress to trauma and grief. It can help people transform unhelpful beliefs resulting in self-sabotaging behavior, low self-esteem, failure to achieve goals, and unsupportive relationships. In some cases, it can also assist in relieving physical symptoms of stress.

Kane’s book will help bring these issues to light within struggling individuals by allowing them to understand what’s blocking their ability to accomplish their goals. It is the first step in taking control of one’s life in order to achieve their deepest desires and find happiness. “I’ve seen so many people struggling because they had blocks that were limiting their ability or desire to achieve a fulfilling life,” states Kane. “Often, they believe there is nothing they can do to change their situation. I share ways to discover if they have beliefs that are holding them back in some key areas and want them to know that they can change these if they want to.”

Your4Truths: How Beliefs Impact Your Life will be available for purchase on Thursday, November 11, 2021, in paperback and digital via http://www.your4truths.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Apple Books, and more.

For more information on Your4Truths and PSYCH-K®, or to connect with Judy Kane, please visit http://www.alignedconsciousness.com or contact Nicole Abunassar at nicole@nkgroupe.com.

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