A New Service from Western Tax Alliance Helps Sub-Contractors Get Free from Payroll Tax Debt

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"In the last few years, we have discovered a way to help sub-contractors get free from payroll tax debt by using what we call the "Discover Your Options Roadmap". It saves you money by relying on the very basic idea that you should only have to pay for the exact tax resolution help that you need. Which, honestly, is radical for the tax resolution industry. Most tax-firms make you pay a "lump-sum" for their entire service, rather than let you pay only for what you need. Even though this idea is simple, the results are not. We are so confident in this roadmap that we will make a 150% money-back guarantee for every sub-contractor interested in discovering their tax resolution options. Get honest advice from licensed professionals who specialize with helping sub-contractor business owners with their payroll tax debt issues." - Jacob Merkley, EA & Founding Partner of Western Tax Alliance

discover your options roadmap, exclusive offer for subcontractors through Western Tax Alliance.

Discover Your Options Roadmap

The IRS is no joke. They are by far the worst people to owe money to. Thankfully, Western Tax Alliance is now offering a stand-alone service to "Discover Your Options" when it comes to payroll tax debts.

Western Tax Alliance has discovered a way to help sub-contractors get free from payroll tax debt by discovering their tax resolution options. Instead of being forced down a single path (what most tax-firms do), this new service comes from the idea that taxpayers should only pay for the tax help that they actually need! Which is highly radical for the tax resolution industry.

Jacob Merkley, our Founding Partner and a licensed Enrolled Agent recently mentioned, “I am so confident in our new “Discover Your Options Roadmap” service, that we are currently offering a 150% money-back guarantee. If our roadmap doesn’t work for you, we will personally cut a check for $400 just for wasting your time.”

For those sub-contractor businesses out there that haven’t withheld payroll taxes, or withheld them but didn’t deposit them to the U.S. Treasury, then the IRS can do some (legally) nasty things:

1. Put a lien on business assets or property.
2. Levy property.
3. Pierce the corporate veil and make business owners and other employees personally responsible through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
4. And much more.

At its worst, the IRS can put a sub-contractor out of business and make the business owner liable for thousands of dollars of debt. At its best, the company reputation can take a huge hit.

But our new “Discover Your Options Roadmap” Service can offer tax relief clarity. Before resolving any tax issue with the IRS, a taxpayer must learn:

1. Exactly what is owed (taxes, penalties, and interest).
2. And how much can be paid back.

This is what Western Tax Alliance calls the “Discover Phase” and it’s the first step in resolving tax debt.

Jacob Merkley, EA further shared, “Surprisingly, most people I work with have no idea what they owe. I see the shock in their faces when I tell them the size of their debt. They know about letters from the IRS but not the extent of their problem. But when you don’t deal with your debt right away, penalties and interest will accrue each quarter until you have a “runaway” debt problem. The best time to fix your IRS problems was yesterday. The second-best time is today, and luckily, you can now do this without committing to a full resolution plan before knowing what is actually needed to enter resolution with IRS.”

This new service was developed to combat issues within the tax resolution industry.

Many tax resolution firms make promises that cannot be kept. Many also engage in some borderline unethical tactics, usually in the form of some kind of price discrimination. These tax relief firms will charge based on the size of the debt, and not on the complexity of the case. The size of the debt is not a relevant factor. The complexity of the case, and how much work will need to be done is what truly matters.

Additionally, these tax resolution firms will give business owners a quote before they even know what the tax problem is.

These industry problems created a unique opportunity to create an honest and transparent way for sub-contracting business owners to get the expert advice they need to make a good business decision. And that expert advice can now be purchased without any full tax resolution package strings attached. It is being offered as an independent service to help sub-contractors learn:

1. Exactly what is owed in taxes, penalties, and interest.
2. A summary review of the businesses financial picture from an IRS perspective.
3. A licensed, expert recommendation on the best tax resolution strategy, given the unique components of the business and tax case.
4. An explanation on why this is the best tax resolution strategy.
5. A detailed 3-page, step-by-step checklist that outlines the exact strategy to resolve the tax issues with the IRS.
6. And finally, a 15-minute phone call with a licensed Western Tax Alliance team member to answer questions, explain the reasoning, and give professional next step advice.

And all of this is backed up by an unprecedented 150% money-back guarantee.

To order this new service, go to: https://www.westerntaxalliance.com/discover

The Western Tax Alliance team will help each customer for several weeks to analyze their complete tax liability and financial situation. Each customer will walk away with this custom, step-by-step roadmap to resolve their payroll tax debt case.

Fight the IRS today by “Discovering Your Options”!

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