A Successful Return to Cruising Starts With The New netTALK MARITIME Health Monitoring System

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Intercept and contain health problems at the source immediately

'This solution helps in a lot of ways, so cruise lines will be able to monitor, do contact tracing and minimize visits to the medical center since people can chat or have a video consultation with a doctor,' said Roger Blum of Cruise & Port Advisors, which represents netTALK Maritime.

In a world filled with viruses that can ruin a cruise vacation for thousands of guests or even put a ship out of commission, the new netTALK MARITIME Integrated Passenger and Crew Communications Experience gives cruise lines the ability to identify a sick passenger early and quarantine him or her immediately. This makes the ship safer for all onboard, and provides much needed reassurance to the cruising public who are currently reluctant to set sail again.

The netTALK MARITIME system has seamlessly joined with the Tritan Software SeaCare platform, allowing frequent, critical, real-time health information to be sent electronically to the ship’s medical team without any initial physical interaction required. The SeaCare platform complies with all governmental requirements and can receive, process, monitor, protect, and manage the required health data of each person onboard (guests and crew). All of this is provided through the ongoing contactless health-check methods gathered and made available securely through netTALK MARITIME.

The screening process includes noninvasive pulse reading and rhythm, respiration rate and rhythm, fever detection (coming soon), Sp02 oxygen saturation (coming soon), and a chat-bot questionnaire based on current triage protocols used by hospitals. A photo is taken at time of measurement to ensure identity.

With this interactive method, symptoms are quickly caught, allowing the sick person to be quarantined immediately. The chance of broad contamination is instantly minimized. The medical staff is alerted to any potential health problem, allowing them to make an assessment, a diagnosis, and a recommendation for care.

Screenings can be custom configured by guest or crew location in real-time, by certain time intervals, or simply self-reporting at their leisure before leaving their cabin - not just at embarkation and debarkation. Guests are also quickly checked when entering public areas of the ship to prevent contamination of large gatherings. Crew members are screened at key points, such as before entering guest cabins, before manning workstations, and at other scheduled times to verify they are healthy and able to work around other crew and guests.

For sick passengers required to quarantine, virtual checkups continue directly from their cabins. Using the passenger’s mobile phone and the cruise line’s own app embedded with the netTALK MARITIME system, the medical team can communicate with patients via voice, video, walkie-talkie, and chat features, and can also facilitate shore-side doctors to speak directly with patients. Some vital-sign diagnostics can even be checked via the mobile phone’s camera, further minimizing any personal contact with infected passengers.

To protect others onboard, once a sick person is identified, contact tracing can be enabled to locate, test, and potentially quarantine people at risk of infection due to their previous proximity to a known infected person. Contact tracing also identifies locations onboard where an infected person spent time so those areas can receive extra sanitization.

"This solution helps in a lot of ways, so cruise lines will be able to monitor, do contact tracing and minimize visits to the medical center since people can chat or have a video consultation with a doctor," said Roger Blum of Cruise & Port Advisors, which represents netTALK Maritime to the cruise industry. "This could also allow virtual consultations for people who have non-COVID issues, such as a cut, reducing their potential exposure at a medical center waiting room."

Before the cruise industry can return to previous operations and capacity levels, health concerns must be addressed. The cruising public must feel confident and reassured before they risk their vacation time, money, and health on a cruise, and the netTALK MARITIME Health Services solution makes that level of confidence achievable.

Leveraging the latest advances in technology, netTALK MARITIME gives cruise lines and other sea-going vessels a revolutionary new health solution. Key to this new powerful solution is netTALK MARITIME’s Shipboard Communications platform, that gives critical instantaneous information to passengers, crew, and medical staff through their own mobile phones via the cruise line’s own app via voice and video calling, real-time chat, and push-to-talk walkie-talkie features. In addition to advanced communications, the system increases health and safety through ongoing monitoring of everyone onboard. The netTALK MARITIME system includes all of these service components:

  • Health Services – Frequent and secure contactless vital-sign health monitoring of all guests and crew are seamlessly relayed to the Tritan Software SeaCare platform which receives, processes, monitors, protects, and manages the health data. A sick passenger can be quarantined swiftly, monitored remotely, and contact tracing can locate others who may have had interaction with that person.
  • Wayfinding Services – Guest groups can stay in contact, organize meet ups, and share location information. They can get dynamic directions to a specific location or to where others in a guest’s party are located.
  • Messaging Services – Generalized or guest-specific messages can be determined by current location onboard. Crew can be notified of approaching guest arrival. Improve guest satisfaction by providing “invisible” services to guests based on preferences, location, and time.
  • Location Services – Locate children and other guests booked on the same reservation. Opt-in to share locations with other select guests. Verify presence at muster stations. Use geo-fencing for added security, such as being notified if a child leaves a protected area, or an unauthorized person enters a secure or crew-only area.
  • Heat Maps and Flow Services – Understand guest flow and group dynamics. Analyze heat maps to review current and historical trends. Track crew. Predict traffic flow. Verify passengers are onboard. Distribute live emergency video to all stakeholders and emergency responders.

About Tritan Software
Tritan is the industry’s #1 provider of Health Information and Incident Management software platforms. Tritan currently supports approximately 90% of existing cruise lines with a rapidly growing presence in the Commercial Shipping, Energy and Mining industries. Tritan Software is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Miami, FL.

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