A World That Cares - New Study Hints At A Shift To More People-Oriented Values

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A recent study by Queendom.com reveals that people value relationships, altruism, and ethics more than power, recognition, and financial security.

The world doesn’t revolve around greed or power.

What people want, more than anything else, is to reconnect.

We are beginning to see a shift - a shift back, if you will - to more wholesome values.

Watching the news these days may lead some people to the same gloomy conclusion: That this world is a horrible place. While it might seem like the only things people care about are money and power, and that greed, indifference, or even hatred are everywhere, a study conducted by the researchers at Queendom reveals a ray of hope. Making human connections, taking care of one another, and improving the world is becoming much more important to people than both money and power.

Researchers at Queendom analyzed data from a sample of 1,088 people of different ages and ethnicities who took the Values Profile Test. Here’s what people valued the most, in order of importance:

  • 67% of the people value empathy
  • 67% value hard work
  • 65% value their relationships with family & friends
  • 64% value a sense of belonging
  • 62% value stability - a stable job, a steady paycheck, a structured work environment, etc.
  • 60% consider altruism, charity, and giving to others extremely important
  • 57% consider it important to make strong social connections
  • 56% have strong community values - this includes being neighborly, making a positive contribution to society, engaging in important social and environmental work, etc.
  • 55% consider it essential to live a life according to their morals and principles
  • 51% value innovation and advances in technology
  • 47% value career success
  • 39% value knowledge
  • 38% consider financial security important
  • 34% value beauty in different forms, both natural and manmade
  • 33% value creativity
  • 28% value recognition and fame
  • 25% consider religion and/or spirituality important
  • 26% value power
  • 24% value and thrive on competition
  • 15% value compliance and obedience

“We are constantly inundated with news reports on the pandemic, anti-maskers, conspiracy theories, ruthless politics, and mass shootings. This can paint a very dark picture of society, and leave people feeling and believing that the world is hostile and hopeless,” explains Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests, the parent company of Queendom. “The truth is that we are beginning to see a shift - a shift back, if you will - to more wholesome values. The more negativity we see in the world around us, the stronger the desire seems to get back to what is truly important. When horrible things happen, we pull together -most of us, anyway. And all the tangible things that we once considered important, like money and luxuries, lose their value. When you hear about a mass shooting in a school, all you want to do is go home and hug your children or grandchildren. When you see an injustice in the world, or witness people being treated unfairly, it brings up a deep desire in you to help in some way, or to at least treat your neighbors with more care and respect. At the end of the day, what matters the most is human connection. It’s love, generosity, and the desire to live in a better world. This is what the majority of the world values, which is a strong sign of hope, if ever there was one.”

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