ABI Wellness Addresses COVID Brain Fog through New March 10 Webinar

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Responding to Consumers’ Needs for Safe Options, the Vancouver-based Digital Therapeutic Company Applies Brain Injury Programs to Brain Fog

ABI Wellness, creators of the BEARS (Brain Enhance and Recovery System) integrated patient care, tracking, and reporting approach designed under CEO Mark Watson, today announced a webinar dedicated to applying brain injury programs to the growing problem of pandemic-related brain fog, featuring guest speakers Dr. Cameron Clark, Neuropsychologist and Founder of Sharp Thinking, and Dr. David Putrino, Director of Rehabilitation Innovation for Mount Sinai Hospital System.



Although “brain fog” is a symptom for many long haulers that have had COVID-19, it is also a symptom that is well-known in the brain injury community. ABI Wellness has peer reviewed evidence on the benefit of our platform for treating this population. Their approach also reduces the need for in-person appointments and integrates all aspects of cognitive care, allowing clinicians to serve more clients throughout the day - which means those suffering from brain fog have greater access to safe, quality care.

Safe Online Service for Patients
Safely treating cognitive symptoms for people with cognitive issues has always been difficult, and it has become even more so due to the pandemic landscape. BEARS platform reduces the need for in-person appointments and provides online tracking and group support even through pandemic restrictions. The service is available to patients through official Providers in Surrey, BC; Squamish, BC; Kelowna, BC; and Vancouver, BC. BEARS is also available in the USA in Santa Barbara, CA; Oradell, NJ; and Richmond, VA.


Former clients in the program who suffered from brain fog have provided their feedback on the benefit of the BEARS approach:

“After 3 months in the program I have way less fatigue, vastly increased mental focus/clarity and improvements with social interactions,” said Trevor, a former ABI Wellness client whose condition was brain fog resulting from concussion. “With these cognitive improvements I am focusing much less on what I have lost and more so on what I have gained. I have a reason for hope! Thank you for the opportunity to engage with a program that neither I or my medical team knew existed.”

Free Webinar for Clinicians
ABI Wellness wants to help those in need and is prepared to offer support through our BEARS platform and upcoming free webinar. On March 10th from 12-1pm Pacific Time, ABI will share how clinics can address brain fog safely and with better results, and how they can scale their practices while maintaining quality of care and helping the most people possible.


“ABI Wellness was able to meet the demands of the recent global environment with providing virtual training for the onboarding and implementation of the ABI Wellness Program into my clinic,” said renowned chiropractic neurologist Dr. Jonathan R. Hartman. “I found this to be invaluable as traveling was not an option.”

This Webinar launch is timed to extend the reach of cognitive recovery clinics this spring, in the face of still-growing COVID-19 case numbers and unprecedented reports of both post-COVID and pandemic-related brain fog affecting the mental health of many in lockdown and seclusion.

In 2018, ABI Wellness launched its four-pillar approach to cognitive recovery for traumatic brain injury (TBI), cognitive decline, and sports enhancement. Their proprietary process aligns cognitive exercises, cardiovascular exercise, mindfulness, and progress tracking all of which are based off of the best of evidence-based research. This platform was carefully developed to improve patient quality of life and raises return-to-work rates from 40% with traditional care programs to 70% when using the ABI Wellness model.

In addition to consolidating patient care into one trackable system, BEARS platform centralizes clinician access to access patient physio, cognitive recovery, and activities of daily living information all in one place. Utilized by innovative clinics in North America, BEARS is now openly available to private clinics. It is specially designed to reduce administrative workload, reduce the need for forms, and maximize the number of patients that clinics are able to serve per day.

ABI Wellness’s BEARS (Brain Enhance And Recovery System) will help cognitive recovery clinics continue to provide care in spite of lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19 (https://abiwellness.com/brain)

More Effective Recovery
ABI Wellness is a response to the need for improved brain recovery systems. One of the main challenges in cognitive recovery is patient drop-off due to complex care plans and appointment schedules that are difficult to adhere to as a person with cognitive challenges. ABI Wellness uses BEARS to reduce attrition rates, thereby improving the long-term efficacy of care plans.

Traditional recovery programs globally currently show a 40% return to work rate, focusing only on compensatory training. The BEARS platform has 37% higher return to work rate, focusing on capacity building and neuroplasticity programming. By helping more patients return to work faster, the BEARS platform is able to save an individual returning to full-time work between $300k to $1.2 million dollars in loss of lifelong earnings. When returning from part-time work to full-time work, a patient can save up to $400k.

About ABI Wellness

ABI Wellness, is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company was co-founded in Spring of 2014 by Mark Watson, CEO and former Executive Director of the Watson Centre for Brain Health, and Howard Eaton, President and Chair. ABI Wellness’s system is used in both large, renowned hospitals and private clinics.

For more information: abiwellness.com, @abiwellness #abiwellness, info@abiwellness.com. ABI Wellness, 204-6190 Agronomy Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

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