Accumen’s 3DR Labs Partners with Resonance Health to Expand its MRI Analysis Services

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3DR Labs will employ Resonance Health’s FerriSmart® software to analyze liver iron concentrations from MRIs and provide summary reports

“We are excited to partner with Resonance Health to provide our clients with this additional resource for mining valuable diagnostic data from their MRI images,”

Accumen Inc., the leader in healthcare performance, announced today that its 3DR Labs, LLC company is partnering with Resonance Health Limited (ASX: RHT) to provide FerriSmart magnetic resonance imaging- (MRI-) based liver iron concentration reports for its clients.

FerriSmart uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze MRI images and deliver a liver iron quantification result within seconds. This technology allows liver iron concentrations to be monitored effectively and efficiently for individuals with confirmed or suspected systemic iron overload, patients with thalassemia or sickle cell anemia who require regular blood transfusions, and recipients of artificial heart valves who may experience an increase in systemic iron levels over time.

“We are excited to partner with Resonance Health to provide our clients with this additional resource for mining valuable diagnostic data from their MRI images,” said Accumen President and CEO Jeff Osborne. “3DR is already working with 900 hospitals in the United States, creating three-dimensional images from their MRI and computed tomography scans. We consider FerriSmart Reports to be a natural extension to the comprehensive MRI analysis services that we already offer to our 3DR clients.”

“We are delighted to partner with 3DR Laboratories and significantly increase the number of patients who can benefit from our non-invasive, MRI-based FerriSmart technology. This important liver iron concentration information can provide invaluable insights and help to guide their treatment options,” said Resonance Health CEO Alison Laws.

“Iron deposition disorders, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia, are a significant health problem not only in the U.S. but worldwide. 3DR is thrilled to partner with Resonance Health in delivering a safer, easier and less expensive AI-based technology to help care for these patients,” said 3DR Labs Chief Medical Officer Robert L Falk, MD.

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders, characterized by hard, sticky, c-shaped red blood cells. These red blood cells die early, so they are always in short supply. They also tend to cause blood clots, which can result in pain, infection, acute chest syndrome and stroke.1 The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that sickle cell disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans and millions of people throughout the world.2

Thalassemia is a group of inherited disorders in which there is reduced hemoglobin levels, decreased red blood cell production and anemia.3 They are sub-divided into alpha-thalassemia and beta-thalassemia depending on whether the mutation occurs on the alpha or beta chain of the hemoglobin molecule.4 The incidence of symptomatic cases of beta thalassemia is estimated to be approximately 1 in 100,000 individuals worldwide.3

Resonance Health has received 510(k) clearance for FerriSmart from the US Food and Drug Administration, a CE mark from the European Medicines Agency, and regulatory clearance from the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

4. causes/syc-20354995

About Resonance Health
Resonance Health is an Australian healthcare company specializing in the development and delivery of non-invasive medical imaging software and services. Our products are used by clinicians in the diagnosis and management of human diseases and by pharmaceutical companies in their clinical trials. Resonance Health has gained endorsement by leading physicians worldwide for consistently providing high quality quantitative measurements essential in the management of particular diseases.

Resonance Health’s dedication to scientific rigor in the development and implementation of its analysis services has enabled it to achieve regulatory clearances in the US, Europe and Australia. This extends to a philosophy of quality management in all aspects of our operations. Resonance Health proudly carries ISO 13485 certification.

About 3DR Labs, LLC
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, 3DR Labs, LLC provides 24/7 access to expert radiological technologists who perform superior 3D medical image post-processing.
Founded in 2005, 3DR Labs, LLC has provided post-processing services to hundreds of hospital radiology departments, stand-alone imaging centers, and radiology practices enabling them to obtain expert processing of their medical imaging cases within hours or even minutes for emergencies. 3DR Labs, LLC is the ideal partner to deliver your 3D post-processing services: their personnel – exclusively based in the U.S. – offer a high level of expertise that is unrivaled in the industry and deliver a truly collaborative relationship with hospitals and imaging centers that need solutions beyond just scanning.

About Accumen Inc.
At Accumen, our focus is healthcare performance. Accumen utilizes healthcare technology along with our expert performance team members to drive significant value to hospital, health system, commercial laboratory and payer clients, providing strategic solutions, services and technology that deliver sustainable performance improvements in operations, clinical services, and data management. These offerings include lab and imaging transformation, consulting, supply chain optimization, lab outreach, patient blood utilization, test utilization, anemia management and clinical data exchange.
Accumen’s offerings enable its clients to achieve and exceed their cost, quality, and service targets, as well as deliver excellent patient care through evidence-based data and clinical decision support capabilities.

We share the belief that performance matters. We are inspired to improve operational, clinical, and data performance across the healthcare industry because transformational change will make healthcare better for our clients, our communities and our families.

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Disclaimer: Neither Accumen nor 3DR Labs, LLC has any authority, responsibility, or liability with respect to any clinical decisions made by – or in connection with – a provider’s laboratory, patient blood management, or other operations. Nothing herein and no aspect of any services provided by Accumen or 3DR Labs, LLC is intended – or shall be deemed – to subordinate, usurp, or otherwise diminish any providers’ sole authority and discretion with respect to all clinical decision-making for its patients.

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