Ace Securities adopted Cyber Security Cloud's new version of cloud-based WAF "Shadankun"

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Cyber Security Cloud, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ace Securities Co., Ltd. has adopted its cloud-based WAF Shadankun's new DDoS security-type unlimited website plan.

■ Reasons for adoption
In recent years, the threat of "DDoS attacks," which cause web services to stop functioning by placing a large amount of processing load on servers and networks, has been increasing. In the "Top 10 Information Security Threats 2019" released by the Information-Technology Processing Agency (IPA), DDoS attacks were ranked 6th in the list of information security incidents that had a significant social impact in 2018, up from 9th place in the previous year.

In addition, in the financial industry, countermeasures against DDoS attacks have become particularly important, as many financial institutions fell victim to DDoS attacks in 2017 and there were large-scale incidents where attack groups demanded money in exchange for stopping the attacks.

Furthermore, with the spread of 5G, IoT, and remote-work, the scale of DDoS attacks, which can cause significant damage to companies in a relatively simple manner, is expected to increase as the world goes more and more online in the future.

Due to this, Ace Securities had already adopted Shadankun's DDoS Security-type unlimited website plan (previous version), but in order to protect websites from the threat of DDoS attacks on an even larger scale than before, Ace Securities decided to update its cloud-based WAF "Shadankun" to the new DDoS Security-type specification version.

■ Comment from Mr. Kazuto Miki, System Planning Manager, Ace Securities Co., Ltd.
In recent years, cybersecurity measures have become a major management issue in the financial sector, and society demands further strengthening of cybersecurity measures in the future due to social changes and further spread of IT. We are No. 1 in Japan in terms of IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) registrations, and our website is a very important information provision tool for IFAs and IFA clients and requires a stable operation. We are very encouraged to be able to work with Cyber Security Cloud, which has excellent technology and services, to strengthen cybersecurity in this field that has become a major social issue.

■ About the new specification of "Shadankun" DDoS security-type unlimited website plan
In order to counter the growing threat of DDoS attacks, Cyber Security Cloud has updated the anti-DDoS system of "Shadankun" DDoS security-type unlimited website plan, which enables companies with many websites and group companies to provide DDoS attack countermeasures and WAF countermeasures for a fixed price without limiting the number of websites. This makes it possible to respond to DDoS attacks on a much larger scale than ever before.

■ About Shadankun
Cloud-based WAF "Shadankun" is a web security service that detects and blocks cyber-attacks on websites and web servers. Utilizing Cyneural, an attack detection AI engine using deep learning, it detects general attacks as well as unknown attacks and false-positives at high speeds, while Cyhorus, one of the world's leading threat intelligence teams, quickly responds to the latest threats. Also, it has been ranked No. 1 in Japan in terms of adoption rate. *1

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■ About Cyber Security Cloud, Inc.
With an aim to create a secure cyberspace that people around the world can use safely, Cyber Security Cloud provides web application security services worldwide using the world’s leading cyber threat intelligence and AI technology. CSC is also certified as the 7th AWS WAF Managed Rules Seller in the world by AWS (Amazon Web Service) which boasts a 47.8% global cloud market share. *2
As a leading cybersecurity company, CSC plans to continue to strive to improve and develop new technologies and aim to be a company that can deliver effective security solutions to contribute to the information revolution.

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※1: Market research on "cloud-based WAF services" (as of June 16, 2019) [Research by ESP Research Institute (May 2019 to June 2019)]
※2: Gartner(July 2019)・・・Worldwide Iaas Public Cloud Services Market Share, 2017-2018
(Millions of U.S. Dollars)

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