Adding Dental And Vision Benefits To Medicare More Popular With Americans Than Lowering The Age Of Eligibility To 60 According to Survey

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Survey finds 73% of people in the U.S. in favor of adding additional services like vision and dental to Medicare compared to 60% in favor of making Medicare available to those 60 and older

Almost 75% of Americans surveyed are in favor of expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing aids.

A strong majority of Americans are in favor of expanding Medicare. But a recent study by found that adding benefits like dental, vision and hearing aids is more popular than lowering the age of eligibility from 65 to 60.

73% of respondents replied yes when asked if they were in favor of expanding Medicare to include coverage for dental, vision and hearing aids. That’s compared to just 10% who replied no. 17% responded that they had no opinion.

A clear majority was also in favor of lowering that age of eligibility from 65 to 60. In this case, 60% replied yes compared to 19% who replied no. While 21% had no opinion.

The age of the respondent made a significant difference in response to the age question. For those 65 and over, only 36% were in favor of lowering the age of eligibility. The same percentage, 36%, were opposed to lowering the age while 25% had no opinion.

However, for those in the 50 – 64 age range, 65% were in favor of dropping the eligibility age from 65 to 60. This is compared to 18% who were opposed and 17% who had no opinion.

When asked about why Medicare should include additional services such as dental and vision, respondents had two common themes in their responses.

Many share the belief that vision, dental and hearing are an important part of people’s overall health and should be covered. And many also think these services are too expensive for a lot of seniors to afford without Medicare coverage.

As one respondent put it “These things will make people's quality of life better, and many people go without these things or suffer from severe problems because Medicare doesn't cover these issues.”

For those opposed to covering these services, the main reason came down to money. Said one “Medicare is already stretched to the breaking point without adding more coverage.”

Similarly, those opposed to lowering the age of eligibility also cited cost as the main reason they were not in favor of lowering the age requirement from 65 to 60. Some were also concerned that it would make people want to retire sooner.

For those in favor of dropping the age of eligibility to 60, one respondent summed things up this way, “Lowering the Medicare eligibility age would not only be life-changing for at least 23 million people, it would also be life-saving for so many people across America who would eventually be able to get the care they need and they deserve.” collected 1474 responses to this survey. To get more details on the survey, visit

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