Advanced Frequency Switching with RF/ Microwave Signal Generators

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Advanced Frequency Switching is critical for applications such as Phase Array Antenna Testing, Beam Forming, and Radar Simulations. Berkeley Nucleonics Model 855B offers a comprehensive high-speed frequency switching package

Berkeley Nucleonics is a Precision instrumentation manufacturer that has been supplying labs across the globe for over 50 years.

Demands in switching performance are critical for applications such as Radar Simulation, Phased Array Antenna Testing, and Beam Forming. Fast switching speed is essential when users wish to generate a sequence of RF pulses with a well-defined frequency, power, and phase. Using Phase Coherent Switching and defined Phase Memory, radar signal simulation can be further refined to address electronic countermeasures, effects of environmental disturbances (clutter) and issues at various points along the signal path. Radar systems are now required to address multiple functions, from search to scan to track to map.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation offers the most comprehensive package for high-speed frequency switching in 6GHz, 12GHz, 20GHz, 33GHz and 40GHz signal generators. The company’s flagship Multi-Channel Signal Source, the Model 855B, can now be ordered with Phase-Coherent Switching (Option PHS). This option allows users to maintain a relative phase relationship between several channels when frequencies are toggled. A simple example can be seen in the attached figure 1.

With 2 phase-coherent signals at the frequency (F1) and relative phase (ⱷ), signal 2 undergoes frequency switching (F1, F2, F1). Following the sequence, the 2 signals once again have the same relative phase (ⱷ).

Additional work has been done on the phase memory of the output signal. With phase memory, users can run a frequency shift (F1, F2, F1) and the signal’s phase resumes at the position it would have been had it run continuously at the frequency (F1). A simple example of phase memory can be seen in the attached figure 2.

The Model 855B with PHS helps meet these objectives by advancing your RF/Microwave signal generation capability.
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