AFuzion's DO-200B Aero Data Services Selected by Record 10th Client in 2020

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AFuzion's DO-200B Aeronautical Data Services were recently selected by a record 10th client in 2020. AFuzion provides DO-200B Training, Auditing, Mentoring, and DO-330 based Tool Qualification.

AFuzion DO-200B Aero Data Services

AFuzion's DO-200B Aero Data Training, Auditing, and Mentoring have been selected by over fifty clients on five continents: more than all other DO-200B services companies combined.

AFuzion is pleased to announce a record 10th client in 2020 for its DO-200B Aeronautical Data Services which include training, mentoring, auditing, and tool qualification per DO-330.

DO-200B (and corollary DO-201) are for avionics databases. While DO-200B has some similarities to DO-178, DO-200B databases and tools involve much more of the development and ecosystem evolution as DO-200B avionics data must be controlled from inception through the end-user.

DO-200B, “Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data,” is a cornerstone within modern aviation. While DO-178 and DO-278 garner a greater portion of mindshare, DO-200B is the workhorse upon which all modern aircraft rely, both directly and indirectly. Why? Because DO-200B governs the means by which data necessary for safe aircraft operations is prepared, updated, utilized, and maintained. AFuzion's DO-200B PDF paper Intro to DO-200B is available for free by clicking here.

AFuzion’s DO-200B training (with DO-XXX and ARP4754A) has been provided to over 25,500 aviation engineers from 1,000 companies in 30 countries; more than all other trainers in the world combined. Brief summary below; contact us for more free information.

KEY FEATURES of AFuzion's DO-200B Training and Auditing/Mentoring services:

-Understanding and assessing YOUR DO-200B’s aero data to DO-200B's basic principles: DO-200B explained and analyzed for the “real world”: yours
-Understanding DO-200B’s true intent for Data Chain Integrity

  •      What is a “database” per DO-200B and what is “data” and what is role of data “Supplier” versus “User”?
  •     Understanding DO-200B’s Planning Process and Verification Process, and Quality Assurance/ Configuration Management
  •     Understanding DO-200B’s Data Quality Requirements: think like a DO-200B auditor and pass audits the first time
  •     Real-world training in DO-200B project management and cost/schedule reduction.
  •     Common DO-200B initiation mistakes: how to prevent and mitigate
  •     Leading DO-200B and DO-201 Best Practices
  •     True meaning of “Aeronautical Data Processing” for DO-200B
  •     Case study on DO-200B Tool Qualification
  •     Quality Management data audits for DO-200B
  •     Applying AC-20-153B for DO-200B: How, Why, and When

To succinctly summarize, DO-200B provides guidance for the following aeronautical aspects:

  • Minimum standards and guidance for processing aeronautical data
  • “Aeronautical Data” = data used for navigation, flight planning, terrain awareness, flight simulators, etc.
  • Criteria for developing, changing, and supporting aeronautical data
  • Ultimately providing the user with assurance of data quality

AFuzion's DO200B PDF paper referenced above provides aeronautical data processing highlights whereas AFuzion's DO-200B training provides 15 hours of hands-on D0-200B training detail as described here.

AFuzion also provides DO-200B auditing and has done audits for many of the world's leading aeronautical data providers and governmental agencies. AFuzion's FAA-registered DER's (Designated Engineering Representatives) provide for approvals for your aero data per DO-200B.

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