Airpop, the company that is ending paper receipts is here

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With a platform developed in partnership with Google vSMS, businesses in over 52 countries are switching from thermal paper to mobile.


Airpop offers companies from all sizes, to easily integrate our e-Receipts service cloud and opens possibilities for consumers to choose between printed receipt or digital ones. Engagement options with consumers are limitless and grow smarter.- Angel Cisneros

Something just doesn’t add up when you realize that in a world where mobile and digital experiences seem to be the rule, most retail stores are still giving paper receipts, at least until now.

Airpop (which stands for Air Proof of Purchase) delivers digital receipts to consumers around the world through its e-receipt platform. According to numbers provided, they reach over 9 billion consumers each year in 51 countries. “It’s not just the e-receipt we provide to the end user, enterprises now have in the receipt itself a huge digital space where our data intelligence algorithms indicate the business the type of interactions the consumer prefers. This translates into understanding your customers faster, better and in real time without being invasive.

Our tech is based in behavioral understand-and-adapt protocols, harnessing data that only serves businesses for inventory and statistical purposes, now benefits consumers and prevents useless, aggressive advertising,” says Jesus Cisneros, head of communications at Airpop.

Why did it take so long?

An extensive research and development phase, allowed Airpop to have input from the largest retailers in Asia and Europe realizing 80% of them are still operating on POS (Point of Sale) software that was built in the early 2000’s. This made quite difficult, if not impossible for companies to integrate the technology and even consider making the switch until Airpop appeared.

Jesus Cisneros explains: “We focused on building a robust platform that can allow companies of all sizes to take advantage of Airpop, with the main objective that integration to their platform didn’t imply a highly demanding IT process. What we came up with is a service engine that runs securely in our client’s infrastructure without forcing them to do any changes to their processes at all. To get a better picture, we’ve had fully functioning clients that went from installing to sending mobile e-receipts in less than 2 hours.”

Thermal paper is not recyclable and actually harmful.

According to Green America, head of the Skip the Slip movement, in the US alone, just producing receipt paper consumes over 3 million trees, 9 billion gallons of water, and generates a CO2 footprint that equals over 450,000 cars on the road.

There's also health risks in thermal paper:

Paper receipts are coated with Bisphenol, which either BPA or BPS, it’s linked to serious health issues such as reproductive inhibition, diabetes and thyroid conditions to mention a few.

Better communications for consumers

An exhaustive market study performed by Airpop in Mexico, United States and Brazil, numbers show that 78% of mobile users reports that marketing they get from their favorite brands (triggered by buying or not triggered after a purchase) is perceived as generic and they don’t have the feeling that the brand actually knows them. Augusto Lozada, head of engineering in Airpop explains “it’s pointless to build an actual bond (taking in count that just getting clients into your store has already implicated a huge time and money investment from several departments), to kill the engagement by just issuing them either paper or digital receipt without seeking for something else with serious added value and an element that screams – our business understands you and as an appreciation I will take better care of you as a consumer.-

  • This of course is accomplished by taking advantage of Airpop’s super communications cloud that integrates several capabilities in digital receipts, all generated by our artificial intelligence processes that allow companies to improve loyalty program incentives, specific product offerings, customer surveys, and much more. All of it completely data-free end users".

"In a sentence: Airpop offers companies from all sizes, to easily integrate the e-Receipts service cloud and open the possibilities for consumers to choose between a printed receipt or a digital one. The digital landscape within the receipt is limitless and is completely customized at the companies’ specs" – Says Angel Cisneros, CEO at Airpop.

Airpop was first launched in Spain, France, Netherlands and Mexico, some of the most valued markets in the world due to the hyper acceleration in green and clean initiatives to switch paper usage for a better solution.

"Expansion since then has moved mainly to Latin America and Asia, in countries like Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Japan, China, and India. In average, for all these countries we have an acceptance rate of 79%" informs Jesus Cisneros.

Coming from a 13 year in mobile messaging services Jesus & Angel Cisneros took the policy of not launching Airpop unless reach to all mobile users was possible in order to make sense for retailers. 2 years later, after seeking the most complicated joint ventures with telecom giants, Airpop Super Cloud became a reality.

All user friendly

Airpop created consumer-store interactions based on inclusive principles, meaning purchase receipts are deliverable regardless of the type of phone, age, model or even data plan that the user has. Their service requires no apps as Airpop works on mobile phones' native messaging app or any other popular channels that are available in the device. Services such as Google's Verified SMS and RCS platforms, standard SMS services and also WhatsApp & Telegram. Those last 2 throughout their Business API services.

Consumers receive their e-receipt while paying at the cashier, reviews all purchased goods and the platform will automatically learn it’s preferences for communications


Founded by messaging industry veterans Jesus & Angel Cisneros, Airpop transforms traditional printed receipts into rich content communications that enhance consumer experiences. Airpop is integrated into the business’ POS (Point of Sale) software, generating smart consumer & behavior analytics.

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