Alen Gershkovich Breaks the Mold of What It Means to Be an Owner Rep

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Inspiron Management announces Gershkovich's new approach to Owner Representation, relentlessly focusing on budget and schedule to get projects back on track. This highlight serves to showcase what sets Gershkovich apart in a construction industry inundated with competition.

Alen Gershkovich, Owner Rep, Inspiron Management

Alen Gershkovich, Principle, Inspiron Management

I love being an Owner Rep. I have always enjoyed watching projects get built, since I was a little kid. I get to play construction chess every day. Each move matters.

As competition continues to surge in the construction industry throughout the New York tri-state area, Inspiron Management announces that its Principle, Alen Gershkovich, is taking a new approach to Owner Representation. He brings more than 20 years of construction industry experience to the table.

Gershkovich has spent decades in the industry managing large-scale construction projects in the greater New York City area. He has overseen over $1 billion in construction of multi-use developments, retail, hospitality, education, specialty, and distressed/stalled projects.

Gershkovich said it best describing his role, “I love being an Owner Rep. I have always enjoyed watching projects get built, since I was a little kid. I get to play construction chess every day. Each move matters.”

Every move matters indeed, and Gershkovich sees to it that each move is calculated with his clients’ best interest. “It matters to me that my clients know that I have their back and will work tirelessly to make sure their interests are protected. I really enjoy working with principals and decision makers who have the passion to cut through all the nonsense to get things accomplished.”

Alen Gershkovich formed Inspiron Management on the foundation of experience, expertise, and accountability. The company’s success can be attributed to being realistic, direct, and holding each team member accountable. By asking realistic questions and allowing all of the stakeholders to do their jobs, Inspiron Management has been able to achieve impressive results.

Gershkovich highlights the fact that “there is a balance when you lead a team of guiding and empowering vs. disabling and deflating”. His job is to effectively lead and get results for his clients. Stakeholders quickly understand that while Inspiron may be the conductor, they are not always a subject matter expert at everything. Their duty is to ensure that everyone performs their job and is held accountable, including themselves, so that the project benefits and the clients benefit.

Results and protection set Inspiron apart from the competition. Aligning all stakeholders to the same goal, Gershkovich ensures that they not only get results for their clientele, but they do so by protecting both the client and their stakeholders.

Plus, Gershkovich has a huge advantage: he has been there before. Having run a construction company for many years and having built many projects in the trenches means that he gets it. He understands the problems that hurt a project because he has seen them firsthand. In many cases, the problems are not about construction or construction material. It is not that obvious. It is very often an issue with human thinking or lack of logic and energy to stay on task through a project’s completion.

Gershkovich is known for this insistence on asking the 3rd and 4th questions. He says that means taking a deeper look into a situation, digging through the obvious issues, and foreseeing what issues can and may arise. He works diligently to confirm verifiable proof from the supply chain to ensure that critical path components are under control. Getting all the way to the end and turning a project over for his clients is the key to monetizing their goals and dreams.

The value of Gershkovich as an owner rep boils down to pain management and money. He saves clients significant dollars and headaches during a project’s life cycle. His primary role is to solve the two main issues with construction projects: schedule and budget overruns. Owner reps allow the client to focus on the big picture instead of focusing on the day-to-day minutia involved in a project.

When it comes to success, Gershkovich epitomizes what it means to put passion and hard work at the forefront. Inspiron’s leader understands that his passion for construction, dedication to advising his clients, and focus on protecting their projects is what gives him a thrill.

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