Allergy Advocacy Association Presents Virtual Food Allergy Awareness Day, May 24th at 10:00 a.m. EST

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Join Advocates, Parents and Allergy suffers promoting Teacher Training Legislation in Supportof Broad Based, Safe Availability of Epinephrine

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Join us in Albany to ask your legislators to support bills making you safer from life threatening allergies.

The Allergy Advocacy Association will be conducting a Virtual Food Allergy Awareness Day on May 24th at 10:00 a.m. to promote awareness about food allergies and how teacher training along with broad based, safe availability of epinephrine is key to saving the lives. Advocates managing life threatening allergies, those that know about their allergies and those that don’t, will gather virtually to share their stories with legislators to encourage their sponsorship of the following bills:

Teacher Training (A523, S587) requires newly certified teachers to be trained in the use of auto injectors. Previous legislation signed into law have authorized school nurses, bus drivers, and students to carry, stock and administer epinephrine. Other licensed professions, such as athletic trainers, are already required to annually re-certify their ability to safely administer epinephrine and keep on hand. There are many free, NYS approved online training programs available to make training easy. After their parents, children spend more time with teachers than any other adult. Those adults should be in a position to save a child’s life in an anaphylaxis emergency.

Insurance Coverage for Epinephrine, (A3324) This bill amends the insurance law to require health insurance plans to provide coverage for epinephrine auto injectors for individuals 18 years old and younger. Similar legislation has passed in Illinois and Delaware. Because those suffering with life threatening allergies often require several doses in various places (home, back pack, school, grand ma’s house), the costs can be significant. New York State joining Illinois and Delaware will help offset some of the expense families keeping multiple doses epinephrine on hand.

Forest Ranger Authorization EAI devices, (A4652) This bill would amend the public health law, in relation to authorizing forest rangers, park rangers, and environmental conservation police officers to possess and administer epinephrine by use of an epinephrine auto-injector (EAI) device. It would expand NYS Public Health Law 3000-c, which already allows any eligible person or entity to purchase, acquire, possess and use epinephrine auto-injector devices for emergency treatment of any person appearing to experience anaphylactic symptoms.

Allergy Advocacy Association has been serving families dealing with food and other allergies in New York State since 2010. Through a variety of activities including Epi Near You New York, a free anaphylaxis emergency training program, participation in health fares, legislative advocacy, and newsletters, information is provided to families in all areas of research, education, and legislative support to lead happy healthy lives with well managed allergies.

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