Amid African Tribal Tension, Two Rival Tribe Members Find Love in New Book

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Author Judy Witt releases “Place of Crying,” a moving fiction inspired by history and Witt’s childhood experiences

Author Judy Witt has recently released a historically-charged fiction novel based on her personal experiences growing up with African tribal women amid intertribal struggle. Entitled “Place of Crying: Inkaba Yakho Iphi? (Where is Your Navel?),” the story depicts the history and rivalries of the African Xhosa and Khoi tribes, the growing tensions of the colonial British and Dutch settlers in South Africa and the Boers’ attempt to convert or conquest those they viewed as mere heathens.

This story starts at the beginning of the sixth Xhosa war during conflict between African tribes and European settlers. Amidst the conflict, one girl named Coti from the Khoikhoi tribe and one boy named Tshane from the Xhosa tribe manage to find one another and fall in love despite their differences and tribal rivalries spanning several generations.

Witt was born in Natal South Africa and was a witness to injustice and oppression against the tribal women who raised her. “For a long time, I’ve wanted to tell the story of growing up around the Xhosa and Khoikhoi tribes and testify to the injustices I witnessed there,” the author said. “I’m so glad I can finally tell this story through the eyes of two young people in love.”

Pacific Book Review praises “Place of Crying:” “[The book] takes a loving relationship set against a country constantly on the edge of breaking out into tribal war and examines the importance of connections… A beautiful love story, written well, and starring flawed characters in troubling times in a gripping tale that’s sure to capture any reader’s attention.”

“Place of Crying” is sure to intrigue and touch readers with Coti and Tshane’s ability to love fiercely and calm hostilities between their rival tribes.

“Place of Crying: Inkaba Yakho Iphi? (Where is Your Navel?)”
By Judy Witt
ISBN: 9781543401660 (softcover); 9781543401677 (hardcover); 9781543401653 (electronic)
Available at Amazon and the Xlibris Online Bookstore

About the author
Judy Witt was born in Natal in South Africa on January 1944. She was raised by Zulu women and then Xhosa women when the family moved to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. The family later moved to Southern Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia during the years those countries were fighting for freedom and independence. Caught up in the violence and terror that evolved and the Congo Revolution spillover, they returned to South Africa the day before Zambia’s independence. Witt now lives in Sydney Australia with her husband, four married children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. To learn more, please visit

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