Announcing the Little Known Benefits of an Amazing Fruit Extract That Offers Protection from Hangovers, Physical Stress, Jet Lag and Diving Fatigue

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Nutrimark, LLC, the distributor of a revolutionary herbal extract, reveals facts behind the benefits of the amazing discovery that provides protection for partygoers, fitness enthusiasts, air travelers, scuba divers, and other active people.

An extract derived from the epicarp (skin) of the Prickly Pear cactus fruit delivers bioactivity that protects and restores cells and tissue in the human body. In doing so, the amazing extract, trademarked Tex-OE, Opuntia Mesocarp Extract,® defends against virtually all types of stress: physical; chemical; thermal; oxidative; ionizing - even mental stress, jet lag, and divers’ decompression fatigue.

The revolutionary botanical extract was discovered by renowned cell biology/pharmacology researchers at ICP-Texinfine, Lyon, France from a plant that thrives in the scorching temperatures of the world's deserts. The Prickly Pear fruit is a member of the Cactus family known as Opuntia ficus indica. In their extensive examination of the cactus, the scientific team uncovered an incredible survivability finding. The unique environmental defense mechanism of the cactus fruit centers on its ability to regulate and rapidly induce the synthesis of protective and restorative Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs).

In the human body, HSPs play a natural protection and recovery role to prevent damage from stresses and the pain and fatigue that damage to cells and tissue brings. HSPs are the vital proteins that help protect our cells and tissue and enable them to recover from stresses of all types. Unfortunately it normally takes 2-3 hours for HSPs to elevate in our body, in response to stresses, allowing damage to occur. To rapidly accelerate the synthesis of our protective proteins, (up to 20 times faster) the scientists developed the extract, Tex-OE®, with special bioactive molecules made bio-available by a patented process. The extract has been clinically proven to protect the human body against various types of aggressions by greatly enhancing the ability of the body to rapidly accelerate synthesis of the stress proteins that prevent inflammation.

A Southern California company, Nutrimark™ LLC, is marketing the patented extract, Tex-OE®, in two products aimed at distinctly different markets: Prepair™ Anti-Fatigue and Exhaustion Formula, is directed at physical fitness enthusiasts, scuba divers and anyone simply interested in preventing fatigue, exhaustion, and Jet Lag Disorder.

HPF Hangover Prevention Formula™, also containing Tex-OE® has been clinically proven in a double blind study at Tulane University Medical Center among 60 graduate medical students. The study was peer-reviewed and published by the American Medical Association in one of the nation's most prestigious medical journals—The Archives of Internal Medicine. The product is being marketed to anyone who wants to "prevent" the morning-after ravages of a hangover - instead of trying to cure an existing one.

One dose of the products containing Tex-OE® will provide the protection needed to help the body overcome the effects of various types of stress for a period up to 72 hours. Products may be ordered by calling (800) 720-2970. Or, by visiting:

Prepair™, HPF Hangover Prevention Formula™ and Tex-OE™ are distributed by:
Nutrimark, LLC, P.O. Box 346, Cardiff By The Sea, CA 92007
(760) 230-1628

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