Answered Prayers While You Were Out: An Aneurysm Survivor's Story - Combined with FAITH, HOPE & LOVE

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Lesa Williams-Palmer’s book, "Answered Prayers While You Were Out: An Aneurysm Survivor’s Story—Combined with FAITH, HOPE & LOVE" is a portrayal, a written testimony that God indeed, performs miracles and has a healing power and it is undoubtedly existing even in this 21st Century. In this book, Palmer takes her readers “in depth into many answered prayers of an aneurysm survivor and his wife” while he was overcoming all odds after getting his second chance to live.

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases the book “Answered Prayers While You Were Out: An Aneurysm Survivor's Story-combined with FAITH, HOPE & LOVE” [ISBN#]. This book inspires the readers to dream again. Along with this inspiration, is the reality that dreaming on comes with challenges for the dreamers to realize that they are carrying treasures in vessels. Such treasures are a collection of blessings and favors coming from God through their God-dreams and visions.

“Answered Prayers While You Were Out” is an amazing story about the faith of a young wife and her determination to face all the odds and these include ignoring the facts she was presented just to keep her beloved husband alive. Facing the odds for Palmer means doing just the thing “she knew she was destined to do,” in order to intervene on his behalf, endlessly pray and fight battles without anybody else seeing her.

The book portrays life as everyone knows it, and how everything can change in just a split second. Here, Palmer shows how she and her husband’s “entire world came crashing down taking with it all her hopes and dreams.” This indeed is a husband-and-wife story of faith journey all throughout their lives’ darkest season.

The message this author wants to express in her book is that, whoever finds himself in a similar situation like theirs and at many times ponder on the things to do when they don’t exactly know what to do, can definitely cope no matter what strategy he is doing through.

That, amidst all challenges, one should realize the importance of having an intimate encounter with God, not to mention trusting Him whatever situation he is in. Palmer wants to impart in her readers that no matter what a person goes through, it is always God who has the authority over is life. She highlights this in many ways that God controlled the situation during their darkest season of life.

Palmer’s main purpose for writing “Answered Prayer While You Were Out” is, as earlier mentioned, to let the whole world know that God indeed, answers prayers and that wonders and signs of miracles are still happening today and not just stories from the past during the biblical era. Additionally, it is also the main purpose for this book to help people all over the world to understand that God exists and, as inspired by a passage from the book of Psalm, the author inspires the readers to always remember that He is so present in whatever hardship they go through.

Indeed, Palmer and her husband consider their life experience a miracle. The latter’s overcoming aneurysm was something may have been hopeless but because of their strong faith in God, her husband recovered. Reports have it that only a few people survive aneurysm in developed countries. According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, almost half a million deaths all over the world are caused by a brain aneurysm each year. Relatively, the yearly rate of this sickness is about eight to 10 for every 100,000 people or approximately 30,000 individuals in the U.S. are suffering from the said brain disease.

34-year-old Lesa Williams-Palmer is a youth leader, intercessor prayer warrior, and mentor who strongly believes that in each situation an individual goes through, there is a lesson to learn. At present, she is also an Assistant Facilitator for Youth Training and Educational and Welfare Programmes. When her husband, Marvin Palmer suffered from a ruptured aneurysm and became paralyzed and unconscious, this author gave herself wholeheartedly into her husband’s recovery process. She considers the process as “nothing short of a miracle that birthed extraordinarily supernatural faith.”

Other than writing, Palmer has reading, listening to music, singing and mentoring for hobbies. Before becoming a mentor and what she is now, she took up and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies. She’s also a Master’s Degree holder in Human Resource management. Truly, she has a strong faith in God that Palmer is serving at her local church as a leader of family ministries, choir member and part of their parish prayer group, as well.

Holy Fire Publishing (, the publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.

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