Appliance Repair’s Usefulness Highlighted by Global Shortage, says DG Appliance Service

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The Southern California appliance repair company comments on a recent article that, with prices currently inflated, consumers are more likely than ever to save a chunk of money by choosing to repair, rather than replace, their broken appliances.

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Repairing appliances consumers already own is likely to offer reduced strain on pocketbooks as well as the peace-of-mind that comes from using products that consumers enjoy using.

An October 27 article on The Denver Channel reports on a national trend of back-ordering appliances. According to the article, the delay in everything from refrigerators to washing machines is almost certainly due to the worldwide drop in manufacturing that occurred earlier this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The article notes that electrical appliances are especially lagging due to the widespread closures of factories in China responsible for producing microchips and related components which has slowed the manufacture of practically everything in our computerized society. DG Appliance Service, which provides services in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles as well as in adjacent Ventura County, says that, in light of the global shortage of common appliances, repairing appliances consumers already own is likely to offer reduced strain on pocketbooks as well as the peace-of-mind that comes from using products that consumers enjoy using.

DG Appliance Service says, while manufacturers tend to make their newer products incredibly complex with the most advanced features, not all additions are actual improvements in the opinions of many consumers. Sometimes the familiar is the safest choice. The repair firm notes that, as an authorized service center, it has the backing of the original manufacturer to properly repair appliances, typically for a much smaller price than the cost of a whole new appliance with upgrades consumers may just as soon not have to pay for. DG Appliance Service says that, on top of the money people save by opting to repair rather than replace a product, they won’t have to pay for costly removal services or deal with the hassles that typically involves, as many municipalities don’t allow appliances to be discarded at the curb. Hanging on to older appliances also reduces strain on the environment and landfills, the repair firm adds.

DG Appliance Service says choosing to repair an appliance also means the consumers don’t have to worry about having to settle for an appliance they don’t want because of a manufacturing shortage or, instead, having to wait a long period for the desired product. Going without a flat-screen TV for a week or a month because of a back-order is doable (and maybe even a nice break) but going without something like a refrigerator can be costly and incredibly inconvenient, says the firm. A good repair service, however, can turn around the repair far more quickly so that the appliance can get back to its home quickly.

DG Appliance Service says that when choosing a repair company, it’s important to hire a team that’s highly experienced and knows what they’re doing, noting that some repair people may not be authorized to fix a particular modern appliance. The firm says that a poorly repaired appliance is more likely to break a second time, so consumers will be forced to either pay for repairs again or finally have to purchase a new appliance altogether. By choosing a certified repair team, consumers are inevitably saving money that will stay saved, says the firm.

More can be learned about DG Appliance Service in the San Fernando Valley/Ventura County area by visiting the firm’s website at or by calling (800) 510-0811.

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