Aureus Tech Systems Provides Game-changing Digital Transformation to TouchSource

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Aureus Tech Systems Provides Game-changing Digital Transformation to TouchSource

Today, Aureus Tech Systems, a Microsoft Gold and Co-sell partner, announces their partnership with TouchSource, driving and accelerating TouchSource's digital transformation. TouchSource, the leader in digital directory and information systems, identified a need to create more value for their clients by transforming from a legacy infrastructure to a more dynamic, cloud-based environment and decided to partner with Aureus to make that transformation a reality. 

"We saw a real opportunity to create some real distance between us and the competition by embarking on this transformation. Our competitors are mired in legacy systems and we found that this could be a real competitive advantage," commented Ajay Kapoor, CEO, TouchSource.

TouchSource serves clients in commercial real estate, healthcare, retail, and smart cities and in each of those environments change is coming faster than ever. TouchSource identified that a transformation of systems and architecture was necessary to better deliver on client needs and offer more agile solutions.    

"What has worked in the past almost never works in the future. It has to evolve and change. Just like the horse & buggy went obsolete due to car technology, so will the server due to serverless technology. There's no escaping the future. The question is, when will you implement it, and will you gain competitive advantage by implementing it before others?" remarked Abhishek Pakhira, COO, Aureus Tech Systems. 

Aureus helps companies by integrating digital technology into all areas of the business, fundamentally changing how a company operates and delivering value to customers. Because Aureus builds on what companies already have instead of starting from scratch, they're able to deliver a tailored product at superior speed, quality, and price.

"What makes us so different from other digital transformation companies is that we start with pre-built, reusable microservices-based building block components and build on top of existing Microsoft365/Azure platforms, instead of using an antiquated monolithic structure which has major drawbacks," said Pakhira.   

With a monolithic architecture, there are limitations in size and complexity, changes cannot be made accurately and fast, the entire application must be deployed on every update, continuous deployment and adoption of new technologies is difficult, a single bug can bring down the entire application, and more. Aureus eliminates these issues that cost companies astronomical amounts of money and resources by splitting applications into a set of smaller, interconnected services & platforms instead of one single homogenous application. Basically, it's much easier and takes far less time to move and manipulate single bricks than one large monster of a building.

"We essentially build with digital Lego blocks, allowing us to add, subtract, and reconfigure easily and fast. We're not reinventing the wheel—and that saves everyone time, resources, and money, while delivering customers like TouchSource an exceptional product they never thought they could have with Microsoft 365 & Azure," stated Sujata Bhattarai, CEO, Aureus Tech Systems.  

 Digital transformation looks different to every company, which is why having configurable application accelerators is so vital. It allows the company to create an infrastructure that works perfectly for their company in about three-fourths of the time it would take if using a monolithic structure.  

TouchSource saw the opportunity to create real competitive advantage by updating the user experience, moving beyond a legacy architecture, and creating much more agility for scale and client needs. As a solution, Aureus swiftly performed a complete cloud transformation, created a stupid simple intuitive user interface, implemented infrastructure elasticity, and built back-end extensibility—all of which is accessible and responsive on any mobile device.  

 "Aureus was able to complete a project that other digital transformation companies scoped to complete in 8-12 months in 2-2.5 months and the results were right on the mark," said Ajay Kapoor, CEO, TouchSource. 

Aureus's partnership with TouchSource takes a two-pronged approach where both TouchSource and the end user—their customers—win. Because of Aureus's microservices-based (building block) engineering, TouchSource increased efficiency, extensibility, and elasticity. For example, as TouchSource grows, they'll need to scale and increase the number of users and activity without compromising user experience and performance. Reaching their goal of growing from 9,000 clients to 20,000 clients will now be simple. And when there's an influx of users in their application all at once such as pre-Black Friday announcements from retail managers, TouchSource needs to be able to handle this increase of usage (elasticity) while also adding on functionality without significant development effort (extensibility), especially as they're company and customer-base grows. These advantages also lead to an increase accessibility and adoption.

"They're planning ahead instead of waiting to take action once growth has already started, which is just asking for a compute and functionality disaster. They're doing it right. Any company that uses technology is going to need to digitally transform to remain relevant and profitable, and the fact that there's an opportunity to have someone affordably do this for you the right way and fast, can be really exciting," said Alli Clute, Marketing Director, Aureus Tech Systems. 

On the other side of the coin, this application modernization also helps TouchSource customers. With TouchSource, customers can now easily maintain and update digital directories wherever and whenever they want due to the mobile-first experience and user refresh, and can now take their business, and their customers' business, to the next level. For example, if a customer, say a building manager, needed to onboard 200 customers into the directory platform, it'd traditionally take them approximately 83 minutes to input that data. With Aureus' import and export function, it takes 1.24 seconds. This is just one example of advanced functionality leading to efficiency.  

"If you're not ready for a cloud world or mobile world, you're probably not operating in the real world anymore. Our traditional competitors are struggling to adapt to this world and we chose to make the investment to operate in the mobile-first, cloud-first world," said Kapoor. 

Aureus also provides a Digital Workplace Solution, Predictive Analytics & Data Visualizations, CRM, and other application modernization services & platforms, using Microsoft365/Azure as an integrated one-platform experience.   

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