Author C.S Goldsmith weighs in on Climate Change, our trajectory towards mass extinction and “The Billion Man March”

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If recent calculations are correct then we have just about five year’s left to tame climate change enough to avoid mass extinction.

To avoid runaway global warming we need to stop deforestation efforts immediately and begin a massive reforestation program of planting a trillion trees. Trees are our first line of defense.

If recent calculations are correct then we have just about five year’s left to tame climate change enough to avoid mass extinction.

The only thing that is worse than mass extinction is total extinction. We are on the trajectory to risk the extinction of our own species by 2070 if it warms up enough to release a massive disassociation of methane in the frozen tundra of Siberia and shallow seas around the world.

That’s just 49 years from now! To avoid any chance of that, we need to implement a worldwide climate emergency plan to reduce the use of fossil fuels by as much as 80% in five short years and then get to carbon neutral by 2035.

If we miss this opportunity to put climate change in check then we also risk triggering 25 crucial ecological tipping points that could start a domino effect of collapsing eco systems,that are essential to the survival of most species on the planet, including our own.

To avoid runaway global warming we need to stop deforestation efforts immediately and begin a massive reforestation program of planting a trillion trees. Trees are our first line of defense.

We need to ease up on the ever increasing population problem by having just one child per family. That single thing could reduce the population by half in just one generation. We are on course to have 9.7 billion human beings on the planet by 2050 and 11 to 12 billion by 2100. The carrying capacity of the planet, our ability to feed the people on the planet is projected to drop by 15 to 20% by 2040. Even the most optimistic contrarian cannot imagine a world forced to live on the equivalent of 1 bowl of rice a day.

Excess consumption by the richest countries has to be brought under control. Capitalism needs to re-imagine how it defines success. Demanding quarter after quarter of unbridled growth no longer fits our current situation. Infinite growth on a finite planet is simply not possible and a recipe for ecological disaster.

We need to quickly pivot and make a paradigm shift in how we choose to live on this planet with better management of our precious resources and do whatever we can to save our polluted, dying, and overfished oceans. If the oceans go, we will not be far behind, the oceans are the cradle of life.

Mars gets 70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero at night and 220 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. You would last only 15 seconds without a space suit on. Earth looks pretty good in comparison.

We will have exhausted most all of our natural resources by the middle of this century including all known exploitable oil reserves by 2068. Living in a world of 10 billion people, with rapidly dwindling resources is a perfect storm for starvation, conflict, mass migration, chaos and war. The consequences of peak everything by 2050 on a depleted planet will be like going from a paradise to living hell.

For examples you only need to look at Haiti, Africa and many of the islands in South East Asia that have cut down their forests, killed off their wild life and allowed overfishing; they lead impoverished, difficult lives from then on.

Surviving In a world warmer by 5.6 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than today, will be much more difficult. Most of the grains that supports humanity cannot handle the stress of temperatures above 7 degrees Fahrenheit. It interrupts their reproductive cycle and yields can be reduced, by as much as 80 to 90% from normal temperature harvests. Grains like rice, wheat, corn and soybeans are in for big trouble.

We have already triggered 9 essential tipping points out of a total of 25; Left unchecked, they eventually could become positive feedback loops, feeding upon themselves, spiraling up higher and higher, until they are outside of our ability to control them in any time frame that would be relevant to a human life span.

As of 2021, the Atlantic ice shelf is now irreversibly doomed to melt away no matter what we do now. The heat that’s built up in the oceans will take several decades to dissipate. This is just one essential tipping point that will adversely affect millions of people around the world as sea levels rise 3 meters or more.

We are not treating this as the planet wide, life and death emergency that it actually is? One reason is that slow moving invisible threats do not trigger our natural flight or fight response, so it can keep edging closer and closer until ultimately it’s too late to escape.

We are at the start of the 6th mass extinction event in Earth’s History, if not tamed in the next five years you will have a better chance of dying from mass extinction than from dying in a car crash.

Politicians or the media will not let you know how bad it really is. They’ll say this may or could happen but it’s unlikely to occur in our lifetime, unless of course you’re planning on living another 15 years. Climate change is here now and causing over 250,000 casualties a year and it will only get worse.

The United Nations is holding a climate conference on Nov 1st 2021, a very important meeting on Climate Change they have already held 21 such meetings and still fossil fuel use and Co2 emissions have increased every year since the first meeting in Kyoto in 1997 that failed to reign in emissions because there were just too many exemptions from developing countries that did not require any Co2 reductions at all.

After 35 years of unproductive discussions, we are at the point of no return with nowhere to run.

The most recent Paris Climate Agreement failed because it lacked any penalties for the 180 countries that ratified it, Even France failed to meet its own Co2 reduction goals. None of the 21 meetings on Climate Change has produced an effective workable plan to reduce Co2 in any significant way whatsoever. In 2018, Co2 emissions increased by 2.8%. In 2019, humanity dumped a record 43.1 billion metric tons of Co2 from human activity into the atmosphere. It finally fell in 2020 due to the Covid 19 Pandemic that forced immobility, reduction of mass transportation and reduced personal consumption patterns. Daily global Co2 emissions actually fell by 17% daily and 7% total for the year. We are back on track to rebound to 2019 levels. We are not on track to achieve the huge cuts necessary to save us.

Politicians are still getting their election funding from oil, gas and the coal industry with the understanding that they will fight tooth and nail to protect and preserve their 3.3 trillion dollar a year business. We continue to subsidize them with 5.2 trillion dollars a year or 6.5% of the worlds total GDP.

Unfortunately, that is why we cannot expect our governments or business leaders to save us. They will skillfully, persuasively and very politely, side step any real action that jeopardizes the oil, gas and coal business.

When civilization is crumbling, they will blame the last administration for doing nothing to stop climate change, it’s the nature of the beast.

When we passed 386 ppm in 2015, we locked in 2 degrees Celsius or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit in additional warming. We are now at 417 PPM and you can add another 25 ppm of other GHG gas emissions, like Nitrous Oxide and Methane so really we are at about 442 PPM and growing at 3 PPM per year. Scientists agree that passing the crucial 450 PPM mark will trigger numerous new tipping points that could lead to runaway Global Warming. We are very quickly running out of time. We have maybe 5, to a maximum of 10 years, if we are very lucky, to mount a worldwide effort to combat climate change. To tame global warming in that time frame we would need to mobilize a WW2 kind of Marshall Plan to meet climate change head on and then we could turn it around. The good news is we have the technology now and the resources to do it. It would cost around 23 trillion dollars to solve the problem now, and 72 trillion later, if we wait to deal with all the calamities caused by global warming in the future.

Humans are especially vulnerable, we are large, warm blooded animals that need a lot of food and do not handle ecological disruptions well. We would be far better off tackling it now while we still can, rather than deal with the worst-case scenarios of dangerous climate change in the future. Mother Nature has a 99.9% successful extinction rate and will not capitulate or retreat for thousands of years, before the atmosphere returns to normal; a blink in ecological time.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference meeting will be on Nov 1st 2021 in the UK. This will be our last best chance to tame Global Warming in time to make a difference for future generations.

Billions of people around the world need to raise their collective voices and demand action now from their representatives to implement the changes necessary for civilization to have the best chance of survival. A plan with real teeth to reduce Co2 emissions all the way down to carbon neutral, before it’s too late.

The plan should require strict adherence to aggressive carbon reduction goals. A carbon use tax could certainly help ratchet down carbon emissions much more quickly, in order to reach our Co2 reduction goals.

We are much further along and far more vulnerable than we have previously thought. The Last 10 years have been the hottest on record. We broke 120,000 extreme weather records with stronger more frequent Tornadoes and bigger more destructive Hurricanes. Wildfire season is on average, 2 months longer and forest fires are now much more frequent, burning 3.2 million acres in the US alone in 2020.

The bottom line is ultimately we can only save ourselves. We are all riding on the Titanic and everything still looks pretty good and we are all just waiting to see what happens next.

What can be done before it’s too late? That’s really the question isn’t it?

We need a Grand Action Plan!

We certainly have the right technology available to use now, but we lack time. We need to implement a good plan very quickly to meet the tremendous challenge before us.

A solid, workable, and affordable plan, that if implemented aggressively will get the job done. It will take a worldwide commitment but for about 2.5 % of the worlds GDP, we would have an Earth that we would sustain us and future generations as well.

We would need to build 30,000 Co2 extraction plants capable of extracting 1 million tons of Co2 a year each.

By mitigating 30 billion tons a year of Co2, out of the 56 billion tons a year emitted annually, it would get us over a 50% reduction of Co2 and a whole lot closer to where we need to be.

With a strong push towards electric cars, wind and renewable solar energy, we could get closer to net zero emissions and wean ourselves off dependency of oil, gas, and coal, for good.

Then, by using Princeton’s wedge strategy to ratchet down emissions in the four major sectors in 15 different categories, responsible for most all emissions, we could get down to carbon neutral by 2035.

Combine that with a grand reforestation program and then set aside 30% of the oceans around the world for 5 years or even longer, to let the world’s oceans replenish and regenerate and we could actually get to where the world needs to be in order for us and other species to thrive on it. However, it needs to get started now before we get so far behind the Climate Change eight ball, that there is nothing we can do about it.

That’s “The Grand Action Plan”.

It is a workable, viable and affordable plan and incredibly it would actually be profitable and not cost, but make money and create millions of good paying jobs.

These new Co2 extraction plants are compellingly profitable and make some of the most important high growth products that the world needs, like carbon fibers and the ultra low carbon fuel of the future.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in the UK is our last off ramp.

The world needs to send a very powerful message to the U.N conference on Climate Change in Nov. “The Billion Man March”; on Oct 2nd, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in all the time zones of the world. Citizens of every country will pour out into the streets in mighty masses peacefully protesting with cell phone lights, flashlights candles and torches to light up the world. A spectacular worldwide demonstration to let their leaders and representatives know that the people are very concerned about our environment and the direction that we are headed and we want them to take action now on Climate Change, before it’s too late. Let them know the entire world is watching and wants real, verifiable, effective results this time. A billion strong army of concerned citizens around the entire world sending a powerful, urgent message to our leaders. “EXTINCTION MATTERS”!

37% of all species projected to go extinct by 2050. This is our last best chance to avoid Ecocide. The doomsday clock has already been moved up to midnight. The only way to reset the clock is to take the action necessary to change our current trajectory and change how we live our lives, whatever it takes. We changed everything during the Covid19 crisis and we can do it again, whatever is necessary to do to tame climate change. We can certainly do it.

There is nowhere to run and rich and poor will be affected alike. Our leaders won’t get the job done in the time unless the people demand it. Now’s the time for everyone that cares about Mother Earth and the millions of incredible species that live on it, to raise their collective voice’s; or like the Titanic, the technological marvel of her time, that slipped beneath the waves in 1912, our Paradise Planet could just slip away from us, forever.

Millard Bennett, nephew of the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore, wrote this poem about the tragedy of the Titanic that appeared in the New York Times. “First to the ankle and then to the chin and with one grand swirl they sank within, while the band played that sweet, sweet melody nearer, nearer my God to thee”.

C.S Goldsmith Author: Book “Uninhabitable: A Case for Caution” and host of the podcast, Goldsmith Weighs In “The Harsh Truth” Climate Change. For more information on the Billion Man March, visit

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