Author Dr. Steven Christ’s book “Escaping out of the Matrix” is a provocative work exploring Yahweh’s creation of the universe; body and soul that imprisons our Spirit

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Recent release “Escaping out of the Matrix” from Page Publishing author Dr. Steven Christ examines the apparent dichotomy between the god of the Old Testament - Yahweh and the god of the New Testament - the Father of Christ. Yahweh created the physical world, our body, and soul that imprisons the Father’s creation - the Spirit. Karma, sin, and guilt keeps the soul and Spirit trapped in Yahweh’s world matrix and the reincarnation cycle.

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Dr. Steven Christ, a chiropractic neurologist, certified sports chiropractor, and a consultant practicing in Chelsea NYC for twenty-two years, retired and decided to start working on a new book he called the “Spiritual aspects of health and fitness”. A close friend suggested he read the Old Testament to get a deeper spiritual understanding and so he did. He was shocked, bewildered, and horrified after reading the Old Testament as he always believed that Christ was the exact image of God, they were one and the same. The god in the Old Testament was a brutal corrupt egoic god that committed many horrific acts throughout the Old Testament; he was nothing like Jesus Christ. He was taught and believed for fifty-seven years the god of the Old Testament was the father of Christ. Tormented by what he read in the Old Testament he prayed for months for answers. In one night all his beliefs would be forever changed. In short, he had this dream where he and tens of thousands of dis-spirited people were shuffling endlessly in the darkness; a glowing light from above handed him four keys and said these are the keys to my Father’s kingdom. Then light exploded out and he woke up having absolute knowing the god of the Old Testament -Yahweh, was not God the Father of Christ. He stopped working on the fitness book and immediately started on his first book - “Uncovering the True God the Father of Christ which lead him to his new book - “Escaping out of the Matrix”

The author shares, “I felt an urgency in writing this particular book as most of us are lost in a world that we no longer recognize, and we are all in desperate need of answers and guidance. The fact is, we have all been lied to and deceived as to who the god of the Old Testament is. Yahweh, Jehovah, and all those names for God in the Old Testament all belong to God the Father of Christ. We were taught that the god of the Old Testament—Yahweh—is the same God in the New Testament—the Father. This is a lie, and this is the greatest deception ever played out on mankind.

All western religions have taught us that we are worthless, guilty sinners that must be condemned and punished. This is a lie that the church has instilled in our mass consciousness to control and enslave humanity. The truth is you are not the sinner. You are not the egoic mind or the body. You are the Spirit—an extension of God the Father Himself. The spirit is the only part of you that God the Father created, so this is the only part of you He sees. He does not look at your soul, carnal mind, or body as he did not create it; they were created by Yahweh to imprison the divine Spirit within us. Yahweh created karma, sin, and guilt that is stored in the soul which keeps us trapped in his world matrix and the reincarnation cycle.

Gnostic Sacred text, specifically the Secret Book of John, tells us God the Father created man’s eternal, perfect spirit while the god of the Old Testament—Yahweh—made the physical world that we see; he assembled man’s soul, which imprisons the Spirit of God the Father through the process of reincarnation, karma, sin, and guilt. He created the body to give man an expiration date, which is death. This limits our time here in this world as he feared man gaining gnosis—knowledge of our true identity, the power within us, and how to use it. This is why Yahweh created the egoic carnal mind at enmity against God the Father—as he does not want us to awaken to the Truth of who we really are: an eternal, unchanging, innocent holy son of God the Father. God the Father only creates what is spiritual and eternal. Yahweh only creates what is physical; everything in it deteriorates, decays, and dies.

This world and everything in it belongs to the god of the Old Testament -Yahweh; all governments, kingdoms, mega corporations, media, world leaders, and the entire financial beast system, all belong to him. Christ and God the Father’s kingdom is spiritual; nothing of this physical world belongs to them. The only way to escape Yahweh’s world matrix is to transcend the world and the ego. The truth is Yahweh is a corrupt egoic lessor god that wants to control and enslave the whole world so he may be worshiped as God the Most High, the Father of Christ.

In this book, I use Bible scriptures and sacred Gnostic text to discuss, show, and prove who God the Father is, who the god of the Old Testament is, and who we really are. Our true origins are documented in sacred Gnostic text, which the church desperately tried to destroy and eliminate from our recorded history. I will go over how the god of the Old Testament was created and how he has deceived the world to usher in his one-world government, currency, and religion, all worshiping him.

The rulers of the world know that there is a great awakening happening throughout the world, and this is their greatest fear. They know that if we awaken the Spirit within, our Christ consciousness, they will lose their power and control over us; they will no longer be able to deceive, manipulate, and control us through fear, and their beast system will eventually collapse. Therefore, there is a war on consciousness. They are doing everything in their power to ensure we do not awaken to the truth.

In this book, I reveal many truths that will empower you through the troubling times ahead. Knowing your true self, knowing the power within and how to use it, knowing the Father, knowing how to escape Yahweh’s world matrix of reincarnation—this is your true power. I give you concepts, ideas, exercises, and tools that you need to awaken your true self: the divine Spirit within. These tools will help you eliminate most of your karma so you may escape Yahweh’s matrix of reincarnation to ascend back to God the Father’s kingdom in heaven. Yes, reincarnation was in the Bible; they took it out to control the people through fear of going to hell for eternity.”

Published by Page Publishing, Dr. Steven Christ’s engrossing book is a thought - provoking work for spiritual truth seekers and Christians that want to know the truth.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Escaping out of the Matrix” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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