Author, Leader and Coach Omar L. Harris releases ‘The Servant Leader’s Manifesto'

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In sync with one of the most challenging years in decades, Bestselling Author, Leader and Coach Omar L. Harris releases his fourth book: “The Servant Leader’s Manifesto” (2020) to provide clear guidance for how leadership needs to evolve to meet the distinct challenges of today and tomorrow.

Author, Leader Coach Omar L. Harris announces the release of his new book, "The Servant Leader's Manifesto" that emphasizes why it’s time for “Leadership 3.0” with new tools.

"Leaders need to inspire, engage, align and coach to bring out the brilliance in individuals and teams by listening intently, promoting collaboration, and generously sharing credit for success.” - Omar L. Harris, Bestselling Author of "The Servant Leader's Manifesto"

Award-Winning and Bestselling Author, Leader, Coach and former pharmaceutical executive Omar L. Harris announces the release of his new book “The Servant Leader’s Manifesto” that Kirkus Reviews describes as “carefully researched, tightly written, and timely leadership advice.” Based on 20+ years of corporate leadership experience around the world, Harris explains why it’s time for “a new revolution” and “Leadership 3.0” that shifts away from top-down hierarchies to servant leadership where organizations empower those in closest proximity to the end customers to become their higher self.

“The Servant Leader’s Manifesto” (Intent Books April 2020) builds on the principles Harris laid out in “Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams” (TPC Books April 2019). Instead of running organizations based on egos, Harris emphasizes, “Leaders need to inspire, engage, align and coach to bring out the brilliance in individuals and teams by listening intently, promoting collaboration, and generously sharing credit for success.”

Reflecting on his WHY for writing this book, Harris emphasizes, “Improving employee engagement is deeply personal to me. I have seen and experienced the damage that toxic leadership does to people every day. With only 15-30% of the global workforce engaged at work—it’s time to start talking about the well-known problem and advance to practical solutions. The good news is that servant leadership offers to managers willing to invest and adapt, the tools to fully engage, activate, and enable the employees of today and tomorrow.”

The author outlines six principles of servant leadership that present a compelling, inspiring, and actionable argument in a refreshingly authentic voice for developing effective teams. Harris’ book is written primarily for new managers, supervisors, and anyone considered middle management. This focus is based on a strong belief that change needs to come from this level of the organization and not top-down.

Readers will learn:

  • How servant leadership starts from within.
  • How servant leadership requires a radical shift in attitude related to the leader’s role.
  • How to wield the power of positive psychology.
  • Why team talent outweighs individual talent every time, and how to unlock it.
  • How to reframe the ‘game’ of business for your team and organization.
  • What love has to do with leadership.

And during this election year with a global pandemic, social unrest and economic challenges, Harris emphasizes; “Trust is the currency of Leadership 3.0 because we are living through arguably one of the most tumultuous ages in history.” Harris adds, “I represent the people being managed, many who are currently checked out and under-represented. I want to keep leaders accountable.”

In support of key leadership principles, Harris also provides lessons learned from experts, including Donald O. Clifton (introduced positive psychology), Patrick Lencioni (demonstrated the importance of trust for team performance), John C. Maxwell (who wrote blueprints for modern team leadership), Jim Collins (who disrupted leadership status quo with well researched insights) and Simon Sinek (TEDx Speaker who showcased the importance of your WHY, and placing mission and purpose ahead of profits).

Readers can find “The Servant Leader’s Manifesto” on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.


The Servant Leader's Manifesto (April 2020)

Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams (Leader Board Series) (April 2019)

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OMAR L. HARRIS (Charlotte, NC) is an Award-Winning and Bestselling Author of 4 books, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Entrepreneur, Intent Consulting LLC Founder and Managing Partner and 20+ year global pharmaceutical industry veteran and former executive (GSK, Pfizer, Merck, Allergan and more). Based on building high-performance organizations on four continents, Harris shares his team leadership strategies and success stories in 2 new books: “The Servant’s Manifesto” (April 2020) and “Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams” (June 2019). He is passionate about leading teams, high-performance coaching and inspiring future leaders today and tomorrow to adopt the servant leader mindset and stop toxic leadership. While working in corporate, start-up, and entrepreneurial endeavors, Harris developed 20 Team Performance Acceleration Principles and a clear blueprint for servant leadership that any leader at any stage of their journey can adopt to improve and accelerate group success. Harris’ 4 books include “The Servant Leader's Manifesto” (2020), “Leader Board: The DNA of High Performance Teams” (2019), Co-Author of “From Authors to Entrepreneurs F.A.T.E.: The Personal Side of Indie Publishing” (2015) and “One Blood” fiction book (2011, pen name, Qwantu Amaru). His work has been featured in Thrive Global, CEO World Magazine, Fast Leader Show Podcast, Young Upstarts, The Rebel Road Podcast and more.

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