Author Pilots Imaginary Wildlife Journey with COVID19-Era Children, Parents, Teachers as Schools Nationwide Ponder How to Reopen

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How to reach COVID19-era children after dismal summer leading into “Covid Combo” nationwide school reopening? Children’s book author pilots imaginary journeys to tap creativity and imagination.

Did you know? Children stay with mama orangutans to learn from them until age 7—longer than most animals.

Rozanne put the same passion and authenticity into her children’s book and imaginary Borneo journey as she did into the highly successful launch and rapid growth of Discovery, Inc.’s Animal Planet Channel. She dreams big and gets results.

To tap the creativity and imaginations of today’s COVID19-era scared, anxious, bored, “Zoomed-out, zoned out“ children 4-9, wildlife children’s book author Rozanne Weissman pilots an “Imaginary journey to the rainforests of Borneo to see orangutans" with her to refocus children on intriguing experiences and positive possibilities.

Leading into International Orangutan Day August 19, a nationwide “Covid-combo” back-to-school reopening, and upcoming 4th birthday of beloved Bornean orangutan Redd at the closed Smithsonian National Zoo, the wildlife author focuses on critically endangered orangutans.

”Children already love nature and animals,” notes the author. “I’d like to deepen their respect for the natural world, wildlife, needed habitat, and the interconnectedness of all living things."

The imaginary journey preparation web page garners high marks from children, overwhelmed parents homeschooling for the first time, and digitally distressed teachers. All like the orangutan slide show close-up photos, fast facts, videos, and greater learning for children 7-9.

Big hit: the National Zoo’s YouTube video little star Redd on the O-Line, demonstrating how orangutans move. Two Maryland children 4 and 8 in the pilot, exclaim, “This video is so exciting! We never got to see Redd on the O-line at the zoo.”

Weissman traveled in Borneo with Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas, the world’s leading primatologist on orangutans. “It’s like traveling with Jane Goodall to see chimpanzees!” compares Weissman.

It’s how the author gained AMAZING orangutan experiences and stories to share with children.

The imaginary Borneo journey goes behind-the-scenes and beyond Weissman’s unique, well-reviewed children’s book, ‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe’ that takes children with her on three real wildlife journeys with real closeup wildlife photos from the rain forests of Borneo to many countries in Africa. So that children can identify with the child in the book and dream big, the book starts when Rozanne was a little child who loved watching wildlife and nature.

When she grew up, Weissman was an award-winning marketing communications executive in the public broadcasting industry and consultant for Discovery’s Animal Planet Channel. It wasn't enough to see wildlife on TV and films. She dreamed of seeing red-haired orangutans in the wild—where they lived.

“Rozanne put the same passion and authenticity into her children’s book and imaginary Borneo journey as she did into the highly successful launch and rapid growth of Discovery, Inc.’s Animal Planet Channel. She dreams big and achieves results,”observes W. Clark Bunting, former GM of Animal Planet and president of Discovery Channel. "She dreams big and achieves results."

No matter how school classes are taught—in-school, online, or hybrid—the author aims for her virtual imaginary journey to meet needs of teachers, libraries, and zoos for a highly unique “field trip” with great stories.

Concerned about elimination of endangered species protection and education by financially hard-pressed zoos, the author will donate for zoo fundraisers her children's books, the imaginary Borneo web page, and her virtual time.

Children can take on their journey parents, grandparents who miss them, a friend because it’s all imaginary—visualize in the mind—like delightful unicorns and imaginary friends.

If the Borneo imaginary journey is successful, Weissman will develop and take children with her on two further imaginary journeys to Africa beyond her book.

The author has worked as a volunteer with children of various ages: at a bilingual infants-pre-K school, with homeless children ages 1-15 in a family homeless shelter, and with Sierra Club’s middle school outdoor program. Books and visits to the zoo and museums were part of every group’s activities. And she has created many materials for schools, parents, teachers for employers and clients.

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