Author Terence Alfred Aditon’s newly released “The Veiled World” is the prequel to “Land of Angels: Book 1—The Holy Path” that shows the origin of the World Peace Treaty

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“The Veiled World” from Christian Faith Publishing author Terence Alfred Aditon takes readers into a world torn by war and terror. A pandemic descends, decimating every nation, leading finally to the creation of a World Peace Treaty.

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“The Veiled World”: an intriguing, action-packed tale about a decimated world forging a World Peace Treaty. “The Veiled World” is the creation of published author, Terence Alfred Aditon, author of “Land of Angels: Book I—The Holy Path” and “What I Knew About Clare.”

To achieve the Peace, the world has been divided into the democracies and constitutional monarchies called The New West, and the theocratic governments, ruled by religion, which the West calls The Veiled World, although those countries call themselves The Faithful World. Neutral lands and waters separate the two, although pirates and mercenaries still operate in those areas, pursued by The World Police.

Alyssa Craig, a noted young professor, has presented a paper at the World League, where a young king from The Veiled World has seen her and fallen in love with her. Alyssa then won a prize, a cruise given to twenty young women for their scholarly and scientific achievements, but their ship was attacked by pirates who would traffic the women into their criminal underground. Alyssa is saved by the young king who brings her as his concubine to his Fortress City in his home country.

Once captured, she tried to be true to her father's teaching, helping in so many ways that she came to be called 'The Little Amira,' the shadow queen. Her great question was whether, if returned to her people, she would be considered a willing concubine and a traitor to the women killed on the ship.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Terence Alfred Aditon’s new book shows how Alyssa struggles to resist the king who makes love to her by drugging her, showering her with jewels to win her. She wonders if the West remembers her and will free her. Meanwhile her adventures in the Fortress City, and her effect on the people she encounters, produce what the World Peacekeepers call a ‘little earthquake’ in the lives of those living there. Risk and danger to all are constant elements in her dealings with a world in which women have few rights and little hope to escape their many restrictions.

Consumers can purchase “The Veiled World” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “The Veiled World”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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