Auto Insurance 2020 Tips: Anti-Theft Devices Will Help Drivers Get Better Car Insurance Rates

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“Anti-theft devices will help drivers make their cars safer and pay less on their insurance premiums”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains what anti-theft devices can help drivers pay less on their car insurance rates.

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Anti-theft devices will not only protect a vehicle from thieves, but it will also help the car owner pay less on his car insurance. Every year, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen. The financial losses supported by the insurance companies are enormous. For that reason, the insurance companies will provide generous discounts to those drivers that are willing to make their cars safer by installing anti-theft devices.

The following anti-theft devices can help drivers pay less on their premiums:

  • Steering wheel lock. This device goes over the steering of the vehicle and locks it into one place so that no one that doesn’t have the key can drive it. They are physically effective and act as a visual deterrent for most thieves.
  • Kill switches. A kill switch disrupts the flow of electricity at the battery or ignition switch or disables the fuel pump. Any of these devices will quickly frustrate any potential thief. Also, they are cheap to purchase.
  • Electronic sound alarm systems. These systems will blast the horn and flash the vehicle lights when someone touches the vehicle or if he gets too close. These systems are very annoying, but very efficient when it comes to deterring thieves.
  • VIN etching. Drivers that etched their vehicle’s 17-digit identification number onto the windshield and all window glass like the rear window, sunroof, moonroof, and door glass of their vehicle will have their comprehensive coverage costs lowered with up to 15%. VIN etching will allow authorities to quickly recover a stolen vehicle.
  • Vehicle tracking system. There are several types of vehicle tracking systems available on the market. Some will constantly monitor the vehicle’s location in real time, while others are activated to pinpoint a driver’s vehicle location when it has been reported stolen. Both types of tracking systems will help the authorities to recover the stolen vehicle in a fast manner.
  • Armored collars. These devices wrap around the steering column and prevent car thieves from hot-wiring a vehicle by securing the wiring in the steering column. Some are permanent, while others are electronic.

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