AVC Corporation Reacts to the Canadian Single Use Plastic Ban

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How long until California follows with a packaging ban? AVC comes up with the Totally Sustainable Packaging System

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Canada’s announcement of a single use plastic ban came as no surprise. The question hanging over the packaging industry is: How long will it be until states, such as California, follow suit? While the ban is directly aimed at straws and eating utensils, the ban must also affect single use plastic packages. The days of the see-through plastic package are numbered.

AVC Corporation, of Rancho Dominguez, CA, a leader in innovative packaging for the past 30 years, was proactive in creating sustainable packaging, being the choice of Fortune 1000 companies for their packaging innovations. With E-commerce dominating the retail package shipping business, and buyers indiscriminately toss all packaging material into the trash, a new concept was needed for packaging that can be quickly opened, recycled, and that was truly sustainable.

To answer the challenge, AVC announced its new ‘TSP Packaging Concept.’ The ‘Totally Sustainable Package’ eliminates the use of any plastic. The first of AVC’s TSP packages for e-commerce was approved for both Amazon Frustration Free Package (FFP) and Ships in Own Container (SIOC) tiers. While Amazon requires a frustration free package (FFP) to be opened within 120 seconds, AVC’s FFP package can be opened in only 15 seconds using nothing more than a butter knife. This package also satisfies Amazon’s SIOC requirements.

E-commerce doesn’t require fancy packaging or a clear opening for the product to be seen. E-commerce purchasers only want their package to arrive on time, be easily opened, and be recycled quickly. The TSP system is the answer to all the above, whether it is an Amazon FFP or SIOC package.

AVC however is not one dimensional. AVC’s End2End Reverse Logistics Program solves a major commercial problem: customer returns. ERL enables manufacturers and distributors to create a sustainable and efficient chain with a one-stop solution to cut down the turnaround time of the reverse logistics flow. AVC has turned the 3PL concept into a 3PL+2 by adding ‘return material refurbishing’ and ‘environmental packaging services.’

While Amazon has dedicated facilities, other retailers rely on the manufacturers and distributors to handle returns and excess inventory. Lack of the core competency and capacity in handling returns and excess inventory prevents manufacturers and distributors from realizing this hidden revenue. In many cases, excess inventory ends up in secondary markets that may potentially jeopardize brand image and sales channels.

The End 2 End program has customer returns sent directly to AVC’s warehouse in Rancho Dominguez. AVC performs a visual inspection to determine the condition and refurbishment requirements and then goes one step beyond by disposing of bad products, refurbishing and repackaging products into for re-distribution and sales. AVC’s in-house packaging design, corrugated, printing services, and thermoforming capabilities along with full 3PL services create a seamless flow while maintaining complete serial number control.

AVC is located in Rancho Dominguez California where all research and design is done. Having operations in China allows AVC to give its clients the best of both Chinese pricing on components with American design and know-how.

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