Awiner introduces a wide variety of agro-chemical products

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As a globally trusted agrochemical product supplier, Awiner offers a wide range of pesticide products used to protect crops and plants. These include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and growth regulators.

Awiner today introduced a wide range of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators. Since 2006, the company has amassed vast experience and customer relationships through supplying pest, insect and disease solutions for agricultural purposes.

Awiner has quite a reputation due to its rich pesticide registration experience in many countries. Other than offering superior quality on items, the award-winning company provides excellent delivery services. Not to forget their customized packages and pesticide labels.

Awiner offers not only products but also guidelines and informative content in different agricultural topics. Meet R. Chavez, a customer from South America who has satisfactory results from Awiner.

“We import emamectin benzoate, acetamiprid, and other pesticide products from Awiner for three years. Our pesticide supplier Awiner is a good partner. They are very professional and patient. After we inform them the new order, they will reply with the pesticide price in time and give us the schedule."

Browse through a series of insecticides to eliminate unwanted insects in your crops. Some like Abamectin and Imidacloprid work systematically while others provide excellent results while combined with other pesticides. Abamectin, for instance, paralyzes an insect upon contact. It attacks the nervous system and thus rendering harmful insect immobile. They usually die from the toxic, but those that try to resist the insecticide's effect die from hunger. The product is environmentally friendly if used appropriately.

The secret lies behind following instructions and paying attention to application details. Awiner’s Imidacloprid insecticide does not disappoint. This is because it has been manufactured under a conducive environment by reputable crop protection expert. It works systematically by attacking an insect’s nervous system. The product interrupts brain path and thus disrupting the organism’s movement.

Herbicides range from Accases Inhibitors to Systematic Inhibitors among others and if you want a price quotation, do not hesitate. Weeds are unpleasant especially by denying plants enough nutrients.

Most Awiner herbicides inhibit growth and trigger the death of weeds eventually. They influence photosynthesis by depriving unwanted species essential nutrients. Accases inhibitors, on the other hand, attack the cell membrane found in grass. The growth interruption then renders weed incapable of growing further and multiplying.

ASL Inhibitors are also effective as they deprive weed amino acids. Products like Imidazolinones and Triazolopyrimidines contain ASL inhibitors and, therefore, help you manage weed in your farm. Awiner’s 10+ experiences come at an advantage because they understand what clients need. Your opinion is also highly appreciated as well as questions.

Awiner’s desire to help farmers with superior quality fungicides comes from personal experiences from the owners. They stock ideal broad spectrum specimens like Metalaxyl and Mancozeb. The former comes in tech-based formulations that enhance its ability to function systematically.

Combined with specific pesticides, Metalaxyl has triple action. It can be used for soil treatment to control pathogens, downy mildew, and you can apply it as a foliar spray for crops.

Similarly, Mancozeb has multi-site, protective action upon application and if users combine the product with appropriate products, they can prevent resistance. Unlike other toxic items, Mancozeb is friendly to plants. The recommended use should be on crops such as apple, pear, and mango trees. Rice and vegetables also respond well accompanied by Pignut and Kiwi fruit among others.

You also have access to a collection of plant growth regulators such as Gibberellic Acid which is manufactured under strict quality control system. The compound is a broad-spectrum hormone with the ability to increase quality and output. It rejuvenates plants and keeps fruits fresh.

Mepiquat Chloride is also a significant plant regulator from Awiner. Apart from altering crop growth to your benefit, the product ensures increased yields, especially on cotton. Plant growth regulators come with specific application procedure, and if you follow them, you will enjoy positive results.

The best part is that they offer free samples before clients make sales on herbicides and insecticides. With fungicides, you get to register services. A majority of Awiner’s product work fast if applied appropriately.

As manufacturer’s, they work with well-informed crop protection and chemical experts. Products hardly leave their stores before the right authorities approve them and clients have sampled them as well.

If you are unsure what to buy, when to use it, or how, contact

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